Shaarimoth - Biography




Formed in 2004, with origins back to 1998 - Shaarimoth was born and with it new incantations of darkness, death, and destruction.

At its core, the music is both dark and ecstatic, and continues to be reminiscent of such diverse influences as Morbid Angel, Behemoth, and Nile.

Shaarimoth is not music, it is ritual. A sonic construct created to manifest Dark Currents by the means of music.

A Black Flame burning strong in the middle of a world of cosmic darkness. Shaarimoth echoes the distant chants that calls out to those of the Dark Blood, to those who dare to rebel, to seek, to struggle, to overcome, and to liberate.

The truth beyond all fixed forms, it is inspired by the voiceless resonance that speaks from within and beyond.

Forged in fire and shaped by The Master, Shaarimoth is the sound of a thousand raging hearts, the Devil's music indeed

"To rid ourselves of our shadows - who we are - we must step into either total Light…or total Darkness"

Now join us to celebrate The End times, Kali Yuga, The return of the Dragon, when the Infinite Waters have finally turned calm.