Astral Tears - Biography




This France based band was co-founded in the late 2009 by Max & Beyza on the concept of a progressive & melodic metal genre - to be best described by the band that is heavily influenced by the well known bands such as Dream Theater, Killswitch Engage, Avenged Sevenfold and Lacuna Coil.

Soon after releasing several songs and videos covering their influences and a few original productions, G-Rem and Jelly joined the band and immediately entered an Independent studio where they recently have written & recorded 12 new songs to be released as their first album.

Astral Tears has already released the 2011 teaser video for "Sinner" which has been generating positive review by fans and associates of the band as they await the soon to be released full length video which the band described the creation of this video in late October, 2011 as being recorded in the "freezing cold temperatures" in France at the time.

(Source: Facebook, 12.3.2015)