Begrime Exemious - Biography




Begrime Exemious was formed in the latter half of 2005, initially conceived by guitarist S (known as B. Perversor at the time). The purpose of the band was to play demented, over the top black/death metal with maniac live shows. Soon enough, N (L. Vomitor) was recruited on drums, P. Absurdus on lead guitar, L (B. Infector) on vocals, and finally O (D. Blasphemizer) on bass.

Within months, the band had a solid handful of songs, and played live gigs around Alberta. Later that summer, the band recorded their debut 4 song demo live in their jam space, and released it themselves on tape and CD.

Following the release of this demo, lead guitarist P. Absurdus parted ways with the band. The band forged on and wrote another handful of songs, which they recorded throughout the spring in 2007, but remained unreleased due to L quitting on vocals. Guitarist S later recorded vocals onto these tracks, which was later released in 2009 on a tape compilation.

The band was already hard at work with new music near the end of 2007, despite the fact they were dealing with line-up changes. The plan was to have S take over vocals with his guitar duties, and O switched from bass to guitar. A new bassist was found in R, and the songwriting process continued on as a 4 piece. However, due to tendonitus, S was forced to put the guitar down and focus solely on vocals at the beginning of 2008. A replacement guitarist came in quickly in the form of H, and the band was instantly stronger than ever. New songs were put together and the band was ready to start playing live again, this time with even more intense performances.

In August 2008, Begrime Exemious recorded 3 original tunes plus an Autopsy cover for the Set Ablaze The Kingdom Of Abraham EP, which was released in January 2009. The music here had much more of a death metal edge than before, but still retained the maniac feel of the demos. Extreme punk and doom influences were also more present in the music, which helped define the band's unique sound.

Following the release of the EP, the band continued to play live in Alberta and British Columbia, winning over crowds with their insane stage antics and crushing tunes. After a very successful season of shows, the band decided to record their debut full length near the end of 2009. Dark Descent Records from the USA was more than impressed at a rehearsal demo and the previous EP, and signed Begrime Exemious for release of their album. The band hit up Death Cult Studio to record songs that were written over the past couple years.

Following the recording of the album, vocalist S and bassist R both decided to leave the band due to unfortunate life circumstances. Original vocalist L came back into the fold, which was a natural choice for the band, seeing as he filled in for 3 gigs in 2009. A session bassist, W, joined the band for tour dates across West Canada in the spring. A permanent bassist known as M was found immediately after, and the band continues forward on their death metal war path.

After executing demo recordings and performing their high energy live shows, the band signed with Dark Descent Records for the release of their debut LP, Impending Funeral Of Man. 2012 sees the band's second album, Visions Of The Scourge, along with an extensive tour of western Canada. Combining their black/death metal influences with a DIY crust punk attitude, Begrime Exemious have honed in on their signature sound as they continue to spread their filth across the world.