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The band comes from Zielona Gora, Poland, where it was set up in March 1995. At first their tone was based on heavy guitar riffs, but yet their music has never been typically rock or metal. Attaching a great importance to keyboards and instruments with a characteristic electronic percussion, the band has mostly identified itself with the gothic trend. In the course of time their music gained more power and evolved towards gothic metal, in effect exploding with freshness and charisma in 1997. In this way the debut album "Ukryty Wymiar" ("Hidden Dimension") was born. Even Tilo Wolff, the leader of a cult gothic formation Lacrimosa and the owner of the Hall Of Sermon company, found the charm of that record irresistible. He decided to produce the record outside Poland. In January 1998 "Hidden Dimension" appeared in the stores worldwide.

In November 1998, exactly one year after the debut, the next composition from Artrosis called "W Imie Nocy" ("In The Name Of The Night") appeared. The heavy, but calm and atmospheric album showed another facet of the band. Artrosis proved that they are not a group which leans on auto-plagiarism, but quite the opposite: the artists open for new trends, still looking for a new tone.

The year 1999 had a particular significance for Artrosis. That year the group played for the first time in Poland's biggest metal festival: Metalmania. As a result of their co-operation the album "Posrod Kwiatow i Cieni" ("Among Flowers And Shadows") appeared and proved that the original music of Artrosis can be easily recognized.

The end of the millennium meant a lot of concerts for Artrosis: a successful tour with Anathema, a concert played on the Third Programme of Polish Radio, Metalmania '2000, Castel Party '2000, a concert with the Theatre of Tragedy etc. The band's first video record, from the concert "Live in Krakow", appeared

After one and a half year of break Artrosis reappeared and tickled their fans. The year began with the fist concert album - "Koncert w Trojce" ("Concert on RadioThree"). Recorded during the concert on the Third Programme, it discovered another facet of Artrosis.

The climax was reached with the forth record "Fetish". The band decided to refresh their image. Although the "Hidden dimension" became an inspiration for many new gothicmetal groups, the band decided to stay in a slight distance from that trend. The keyboards, which had been very characteristic and scrupulously arranged from the very beginning, played an even greater role on the record "Fetish". In result the music didn't lose its significance, even though the guitars were slightly withdrawn. Medeah also showed that she can sing in a completely new way experimenting with the vocal motorics and tone. The record included also a cover of the song "Mur" ("Wall") from Pornografia's repertoire.

In October 2002 the first DVD edition from Artrosis appeared. It was a video record of the concert in Krakow: "Live in Krakow - Among The Flowers And Shadows".

In the beginning of November 2002 the band made the next record "Melange". It was a continuation of the conception initiated with the record "Fetish". It brought a kind of sophisticated, confused music with frequent obscure phrases. The record maintains a gloomy and at times melancholic atmosphere.

After a half-year-break, caused by the vocalit's motherhood, the band took part in a Castle Party 2003 festival in Bolkow. Because of the absence of the band's guitarist, Artrosis (Medeah and Maciek) played with three musicians from the Sacriversum group: MacKozer and Mario (guitars) and Remo (bass). These musicians added a new, heavy tone to the songs of Artrosis and Remo and MacKozer are in the band till now.

One month later band appeared on stage in the capital of Mexico - Mexico City as a co-headliner of 5th edition of 'Festival Obscuro' playing together with Umbra Et Imago and Visions of Atlantis.

Next 2 years were rather idle, band appeared payed only a few concerts (in Warsaw, Lodz, Sulechow), being almost suspended, while the members of the band were trying to find a new quality and dimension of their music. Different attitude and ideas for the future of the band resulted in split and Maciej Niedzielski - one of the founders of the band - has left the band. Medeah together with Remo and MacKozer decided not to give up but to find new keyboard player and to extend the band by the live drums.

In spring 2005, in Lodz, band met on the rehearsal in the new - revolutionary - line up, together with Lukasz Migdalski -well known ex Aion keyboard player and the founder of Lebenssteuer, and Konrad Biczak (at that time the drummer of Sacriversum). After a few rehearsals band decided to test the new line up live on stage. It took place the same month on the two gigs together with leading Polish gothic rock band - Closterkeller. Both gigs were great, so in autumn the same year Artrosis together with Closterkeller went on Abracadabra Gothic Tour. During that tour band presented the first new songs from forthcoming album, and in the middle of the tour both bands united creating super-group called Clostosis (From both names Closterkeller and Artrosis).

Just before Abracadabra Gothic Tour band recorded at Migdal Mobile Studio a 4 songs demo, that aroused interest of Mystic Production, with whom Artrosis signed new record contract. New album 'Con Trust' was recorded in the same Migdal Mobile Studio in Poznan, in summer 2006 and was released in Poland in October the same year. As usual, Artrosis surprised its fans with the new sound formula and new direction. Album was welcomed warmly and it still gets many enthusiastic reviews.

In the autumn 2006 band went on promotional Con Trust Tour, however, just a few days before the first gig an unexpected change in the line up took place. Konrad Biczak left the band and his place behind the drums has been taken by Pawel Swica (ex Lombard - one of the famous Polish rock bands from the nineteen eighties).

Nowadays, band is working on the new album and is preparing for the forthcoming gigs.

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