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(EchO) - Biography





The band was formed in the first days of October 2007, near Brescia, thanks to the idea of Antonio Cantarin and Simone Mutolo, with the aim to play Doom Metal with different influences, in the first place psychedelic. The original line-up of the band was composed by Antonio Cantarin (vocals), Simone Mutolo (piano and keyboards), Mauro Ragnoli (guitar) and Paolo Copeta (drums). Then, in March 2008, Simone Saccheri joins the group as second guitarist.

The name (EchO) comes from the Oreads nymph of Greek mythology, famous for being in love with Narcissus, and the parentheses indicate the sound wave that propagates.

In October they release a self-producted demo entitled Omnivoid, containing 5 tracks for a total length of 31 minutes.
In the same month starts the live activity: (EchO) plays with bands like Forgotten Tomb, Viscera///, Sunpocrisy, Synapses, Umbra Noctis and they participate in March of Fallen festival on 22 March 2009 at the Olden Live Club in Lonato Del Garda (BS), sharing the stage with Agalloch, Dornenreich, Mely, Opera IX, Nidhogg, Misanthropic Desire and Deadly Carnage.
In March 2010 (EchO) plays live supporting Esoteric, shEver and Raving Season.

On October 9th 2010 they release a promo, always self-producted, containing three tracks in a limited edition of 200 copies. It has been released as a preview of the firts debut album that would be recorded in the next month at the Priory Recording Studios in Birmingham (UK).

Different bass players joined the band and then left, but sometimes when you search something around the world, what you're looking for is right in your backyard, this is how Agostino Bellini became the new bass player of (EchO).

On August 2011 they sign the contract for the russian Doom Metal label BadMoodMan Music / Solitude Productions, and finally, on November 11th 2011, saw the light their first debut album, entitled Devoid Of Illusions, receiving positive feedback by the international press and conquering ever more fans throughout the world.