Centimani - Biography




Early tales from Ancient Greek mythology tell of the three brothers named the "Hecatonchires" or "Centimani" in Latin. "Centimani" translates into English as "hundred-handed ones" for these brothers, born of Uranus and Gaia, each had fifty heads and a hundred arms making them a vicious triumvirate of destruction, even more terrifying than the mighty Cyclopes. The Centimani were brothers of Cronos, the titan, as well as the Cyclopes, and assisted Cronos in the castration and usurpation of Uranus. After Cronos took power, he locked the Centimani away in Tartarus for all eternity until the day Zeus took his rightful place on the throne of Olympus. The Centimani was enlisted by Zeus to help him destroy the Titans, and as the Titans launched their offensive against Olympus, they hurled huge boulders by the hundreds in such a fury that they believed entire mountains were being raised against them. Under such a furious onslaught, the Titans retreated and were subsequently imprisoned by Zeus for all eternity in the pits of Hades, where the Centimani now vigilantly stand guard at the gates of Tartarus.

Now, in the 21st century, the Boulder, CO based metal band who share the same name. Formed in 2006 under the shadow of the mighty Rocky Mountains, Centimani melds black metal with death/thrash metal to create a formidable artillery of sound that goes straight for the jugular. With lyrics based on warfare and the bloodshed that ensues, each song smashes against your brain like axe meeting shield. Now, after sharing the stage with the likes of Cephalic Carnage, Abigail Williams, and Macabre; and after the release of a three song EP in 2010, Centimani is poised to attack with a brand new full length CD titled, Aegaeon in 2012! Recorded by Steve Goldberg of the mighty Cephalic Carnage, and featuring guest violin work, Aegaeon is proving to be an unstoppable colossus, ready to strike!

In 2006 Isaac Faulk (drums), James Hansen (guitar), and Max Holloway (bass), along with fellow metal head, Tony Meitin (guitar/vocals), started playing together under the name Centimani. After a rocky start and one show in 2007, the three split ways mutually with Tony over creative differences. Isaac, James, and Max played together for several months trying to find a way to make a three peice band work. Eventually it was decided that the music that they were trying to make was too powerful for a three man band, so the search began for one or more replacement members

Somewhere between the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008 James moved across the street from a house that he noticed was constantly blaring metal. Several beers later, he convinced the residents Eric Van Langenhoven (guitar) and Marty Caschette (ex-vocals) to come to a practice or two and see if they wanted to join. They decided to join us, and as it turns out, they were just what was needed to breathe new life into Centimani. Eric brought a much darker and classical side to balance out James' signature style of death and trash.

After playing together for a while, Eric brought up the idea of bringing in a keyboard player to finish out the sound. Everyone was excited about the idea, and Eric called up Stu "Mouren" Puls (keyboards), who he had played with in the past. Once Stu had written some parts for the songs, it was evident that, with his influences from classical, rag time and video game music, he was the final peice to give Centimani their unique sound and atmosphere.

At the end of 2010, Centimani had to unfortunately part ways with their vocalist Marty. This left the future of the band uncertain. Centimani tried out several people, none of which seemed to be a good fit for the band. Suddenly, the answer seemed to be right under their noses. Good friend and "roady", Kyle Francis, tried out one night after a show. Kyle was just what Centimani was looking for, and now bringing the same guttural ferocity as Marty, Kyle and the rest of Centimani turn their sights to their new CD and their future...