Karybdis - Biography


Karybdis is a British 5-piece melodic death metal band formed in 2009. In the band's early days the band consisted of Gil Renault (vocals), Harsha Dasari (guitars), Pierre Dujardin (guitars), Jay Gladwin (bass), Mitch McGugan (drums).

In 2010 the band released it's first album in the form of an EP titled War For Land to rave reviews. In 2011 the band began recording it's debut full length with producer Russ Russell. In April that same year the band announced that original vocalist Gil Renault was going to be leaving the band later in the year, to return home to France, and that in the mean time they would be holding auditions for a new vocalist. In September the band announced Gil's final show, and that they had found Gil's replacement in Rich O'Donnell. The band finished the rest of their debut album recording with Rich on vocals. Gil also did guest vocals for the album, alongside Assistant Engineer Jay Russell doing guest backing vocals, and Rhiannon Lock playing cello.

The band's debut album was released on July 2, 2012, and once again to rave reviews from all over.