Black Witchery - Biography






The uncompromising pure Black Metal act Black Witchery evolved from the early 90's act Irreverent. By 1996 the band had retitled itself Witchery. A further title change occurred in 1999 as Black Witchery was adopted.

The 2000 album Hellstorm Of Evil Vengeance was a shared affair with Canadian act Conqueror. As part of their contribution Black Witchery cut a cover of Blasphemy's 'Demoniac'. Black Witchery have also contributed versions of Slayer's "Fight Till Death" to a Dwell Records tribute album and Kreator's "Tormentor" for Full Moon Productions' Tribute To Kreator CD.

Guitarist Tregenda (Steve Childers) participated in the Burning Inside project in collusion with renowned Iced Earth, Demons & Wizards, Death, Control Denied and Incantation drummer Richard Christy and fellow axeman Michael Estes from famed Black Metal merchants Acheron.

Drummer Vaz would deputize in Blood Storm's appearances for the Destruction Festivals in New York and New Jersey. The debut album Desecration Of The Holy Kingdom was released on Full Moon Productions and Licensed as a split release LP with Nuclear War Now! Productions in mid 2002 in a lavish, if strictly limited, vinyl format. Clad in all new Chris Moyen artwork, the record was restricted to just 1000 copies included two bonus cover version tracks with which came new inserts, poster and stickers. The very first 100 pressings were manufactured in clear vinyl.

Black Witchery signed to the French Osmose Productions label in mid 2002. A split 7" EP, Recorded Live Under The Sign Of Hell, shared with Germany's Katharsis, included a rendition of Bathory's "Sadist".