Thrashless - Biography




The idea for Thrashless originally sprung to life in summer 2010 when Herman "Hero" Sommer was introduced to Henry "Suss" Hinno who was looking for members to form a new band. "Hero" auditioned and was immediately recruited into the band as a guitarist thus completing the core of what is known as Thrashless. Throughout the next month's several bassists were auditioned but none were suitable for the position. Soon after it was decided to lay Thrashless to rest.

In early 2012 "Hero" and "Suss" decided to revive the thrash metal monster and they had already found the perfect addition in Silver to complete the lineup.

This time no time was wasted and within a couple of months brand new tracks were written and a few old ones brought back to life. Thrashless was headed for the studio.

Early summer 2012 Thrashless entered Roundsound studio where their first album Awaiting Rebirth was recorded. All the tracks were recorded live to capture the energy and aggression of the music.

Now Thrashless is ready to bring that energy and aggression to the stage!

Source: Official Site