Casketgarden - Biography




Casketgarden was formed in 1998 by three of members: Attila Cseh, Péter Musitz, Balázs Tóth. The plan was to make such a brutal but melodic music as our favorite bands (At The Gates, Carcass ). The line-up became complete with a bassist, and the present vocalist István Cseh in 1999. We recorded two demos: An Ever Rounding Circle in 1999 and the path-finder ...Of Grief in 2000. These two demos got great reviews in every magazine where it was sent to. They were released in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Romania by Rock Express Records in MC format. After the demos bassist Gábor Őri joined the band and stayed for eight years. In the summer of 2002 The Non-Existent was released, the promo-CD we find the label Metal Age with. This stuff got great reviews all over the world, and our position in Hungary became stronger. We played with bands like Pungent Stench, Dew-Scented, Children Of Bodom, Nightwish, Anthrax as a support and we gave successful concerts in Serbia, Austria, Switzerland and Italy in 2003.

2003 - Casketgarden recorded at Studio Denever and released the first full length album This Corroded Soul Of Mine via Slovak label Metal Age Productions. The music is the same as in the beginning: very brutal death/thrash metal with gloomy, heartbreaking melodies influenced by old English doom bands. The influences of Swedish bands were/are present in the fast rhythms, and twisted riffing strengthening the brutal side of music. Casketgarden with This Corroded Soul Of Mine became one of the pulling bands of Metal Age Productions. In the Hungarian Metal Hammer TCSOM reached the 4th position in the monthly sound check and the band was voted among the 10 most talented newcomers of year 2003 by the readers/fans. At this distance of time Casketgarden's debut is an emblematic album of the whole Hungarian underground metal scene.

2005 - The band's next step Open The Casket, Enter The Garden (recorded in Studio Denevér, Hungary) shows much more original taste and professionalism in music and sound. It has already been the Sound check winner in the November 2005 issue of HammerWorld Magazine (Hungarian Metal Hammer). The album and the band were nominated in the Hungarian Metal Awards competition in 4 categories (best album, best production, best artwork, best live act). Yet this year Casketgarden was invited to appear on the Hungarian thrash legend Moby Dick's Tribute album called "BálnaVadÁszok". OTCETG album was released after a short delay finally in February, 2006.

2007- Casketgarden joined the International Live Award competition, won the Hungarian round and reached the 7th position in the semi-final in Vienna's famous Planet Music club. A band played lived Europe-wide (Austria, Slovakia, Czech Rep., French, Serbia, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Germany) with the second album though never catched a real European tour.

2008 - After a 9 month long songwriting period the band entered Studio Denevér again to record their 3rd album called Incompleteness In Absence in the beginning of 2008. This time the mixing and the mastering were done in Sweden at Studio Undeground by Pelle Saether, who you can also know as producer of almost all Carnal Forge (Swe) records, but he also worked with Fleshcrawl (Ger), Draconian (Swe), Terror 2000 (Swe), The Bereaved (Swe), Construcdead (Swe).
Songwriters focused on catchy song-structures as always and this time there are more varied elements and thrash metal parts as well. The album was released by Metal Age Productions on June 6, 2008. Incompleteness In Absence reached position No. 2 in the July/August issue of the Hungarian Metal Hammer.
2008-2010 - The band gave lot of gigs with the third album, the most important were Zagreb Metal Fest 2008 (CRO), Kaltenbach Open Air 2008 (A), Eisenwahn Fest 2008 (D), Brutal Assault 2009 (CZ), Metalfest 2010 (H), Rockmaraton 2010 & 2011 (H), and a mini tour supporting Warbringer (USA) in Hungary, Slovakia, Austria in 2010.
In this period the band had its first line-up change since 2001: Gábor Őri decided to leave the band. The new bassist became Dénes Schummel, who already was in the band around 2001.
In the beginning of 2009 the band started to work on some ideas for the fourth album. Around that time it came to light that one of the founding members Péter Musitz also had to part ways with the band. The new guitarist we found was István Csutak who played in bands like Ventar (black metal) and Depths Of Depravity (technical death metal) before.

2011 - To strengthen this new line-up Casketgarden played several gigs during 2011 meanwhile focused on the new record: The Estrangement Process.
All the songs were written from 2008 to 2011.
First time since 2002 the band didn't worked at Denevér Studio, but chose SuperSize Recording Hungary's biggest studio for metal. We wanted rawer sound for the rawer songs, and Zoltán Varga made a great job with creating this breathing, living but same time tight and brutal sound.
New record, new studio and new label: we decided to leave Metal Age and signed to the Hungarian Nail/Hammer Records. Also the release format is new: it came out as attachment CD with the February 2012 issue of HammerWorld Magazine, which is the biggest metal magazine in Hungary (the local Metal Hammer). Of course a "store"/international version will also be available in March 2012.
In the last month of the year 2011 another founder Attila had to leave the band. The new member is Dávid Gregus also coming from the brutal technical death metal band called Depths Of Depravity. He currently plays in both bands.
Lyrically „The Estrangement Process" is mostly about the illnesses of money-centered society: brainwash, indifference, madness, malevolence, selfishness, „joint lonliness". Casketgarden used varied elements in the music this time: check out the blasting opener Black Hole Maelstrom (planned first CG video ever), the bluesy, rocky riffs of Unlike or the morose hammering of the almost balladistic The Eternal Tremble either the small „black metal" middle part of So Eager to Play which was lyrically inluenced by the famous Clive Barker franchise: Hellraiser. We are just right after release, but the song titled They is already one of the band's biggest live hits on concerts. The catchy riffs, and the organic sound produced at SuperSize Recording makes „The Estrangement Process" Casketgarden's strongest album to date.