Dødheimsgard - Biography




Dødheimsgard (now known as DHG) was originally a Norwegian black metal band formed in 1994, but their last release saw them change into an experimental and avant-garde metal band. In 2000 they shortened their name to DHG. During 2003 they went through some lineup changes, replacing Aldrahn, Zweizz and Czral.

In 2006 they completed the new album Supervillain Outcast, which is to be released in April 2007 by Moonfog Productions and The End Records. The new album has been leaked in "fake" versions several times, containing badly recorded rehearsal tracks without vocals, to which some of the proposed track titles were added. The actual album was leaked to the internet on the 19th of February 2007.

Dødheimsgard is a conjunction of three words: Død which means death, heim which means home and gard which means (at least in this context) mansion. A natural translation into English would be Mansion of Death, alternatively Realm of the Dead/Death.