Agro - Biography


Formed in the early 90's as a non stereo-typical thrash act, Agro added new life, combined with aggression and constant entertainment to a rock scene that had become saturated by bay area style death metal clones. Within a few short years the band honed their craft, expanding musically and added a neo-classical touch with a keyboard player to the already powerful melodic twin guitar attack.This resulted in power metal/thrash structured songs with an aggressive yet audible vocal approach that added depth and originality to the then stagnating metal scene in South Africa.

The band has and never will compromise their sound and forge forward in the true heavy metal spirit with continuous live shows that offers everyone a show of true professional musicianship combined with a hedonistic, larger than life, tongue-in -cheek attitude. Fueled with beer and the true rock n' roll party spirit, all these years later with 6 full albums and African and European tours under their belts.

Agro are still promoting their 7th album 'Rewriting History'.
The album is available in most good music stores.

AGRO are currently writing new material for
a release planned later this year.