Verminous - Biography



Ahus Blasphemous Death Metal outfit Verminous was assembled in August 2002 by vocalist / guitarist Linus 'Germaniac' Björklund, guitarist Pelle Melander and drummer Andreas Johansson. Under a former title of DELVE the group released a 2002 demo and the EP 'The Dead Amongst'. Bass player Simon Frödeberg enrolled in May 2003. Debut product would be the 7" vinyl EP 'Smell The Birth Of Death' released by Nuclear Winter. The Xtreem Music label released the album 'Impious Sacrilege' in July 2003.

Verminous plotted a new album, entitled 'Keepers Of Chaos', for late 2004 release. That same year found Verminous members bassist Simon Frödeberg and drummer Agge Johansson active with Evildoer, a Death / Thrash combo fronted by Within Y frontman Andreas Solveström. The bassist would also be operational with Sgt. Carnage and Infernal Hellfire plus solo concern Uruz.

Nuclear Winter re-issued 'Smell The Birth Of Death' set in 2006 as an MCD.