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01. Born To Murder The World
02. Necrotic Eruption
03. Entangled In Septic Gore
04. Slithering Limbs
05. Cannibalistic Remains
06. Hacked Into Red Mush
07. Putrid Mass Of Burnt Excrement
08. The Smell Of The Dead
09. Rancid Cottered Rectum
10. Blood Spattered Chainsaw Slaughter
11. Submassive Obliteration
12. Septic Convulsion
13. The Sound Of Rancid Juices Sloshing Around Your Coffin
14. Liquidized Disgirgement
15. Putrefying Immortality
16. Carnal Tumor
17. Consumed In Gore
18. Drowned In Septic Guts
19. Cadaver Breath
20. Excremental Carnage
21. Maliignant Haemorrhage
22. Mucupurulent Carnage
23. Pro-Rectal Fermentation
24. A Reeking Pile Of Septic Brainfluid
25. Disembowelment Of Scattered Gastric Pieces
26. Festering Fungus Infection
01. Maggot Feast On A Swollen Fetus
02. 48th Cut
03. Rectal Bowel Inquisition
04. Intoxicated
05. The Taste Of Festering Vomit
06. Consuming Purulent Sputum
07. From Flesh To Liquid Mess
08. Reeking Mush Beneath Each Cavity
09. Orgasmic Abortion
10. Catering From The Womb
11. Acute Palatable Haemorrhage
12. Perforated Festered Scrotum
13. Stirred Intestines
14. Wet Remains
15. Purulent Odour In Stoma
16. Defecating Anal Sludge
17. Rancid Tumour Excretion
18. Wide Open Wounds On A Disfigured
19. Hymns Of Indisgestible Suppuration
20. Ulcerated Offal
21. Defleshed By Flies
22. Bowel Exhibition
23. Raped In The Back Of A Van

01. A Portion Of Pulpified Leftovers
02. Fungating Sexual Orifice
03. Multiple And Increased Lividious Layers Of Skin
04. In Advanced Haemorrhaging Conditions
05. Prefering Acidious Formats Of Disdischarche
06. Fluidfilled Contents Exposed From The Abdominal Dysfunctioning Section
07. Obscene Compulsion Towards Fecal Digestion
08. Frozen Remnants Collection
09. Suppurated Secretion Through Gestation
10. Oozing Saprogenic Scrotal Liquids

01. Zombie Interlude
02. Excremental Mass Of Fecal Putrilage
03. 138 Min. Body Disposal
04. Slithered Limbs
05. Gruesome Face Decapitation
06. Fermented Gut Burst
07. Sounds Of Rancid Juices
08. Chopped Up Face Beyond Recognition
09. Orgasmic Abortion
10. Ulcerated Offal
11. Lugubrious Genital Miscreation
12. Erosed Int. Purulency
13. Exposed Mangled Orifice
14. Entangled In Septic Gore
15. Excremental Carnage
16. Decrepitated Regurgitations In Foetal Leprosy
17. Effective Impalement
18. Hacked Into Red Mush
19. Extasy Of Swallowing Torso Faeces
20. A Reeking Pile Of Septic Brainfluid
21. Grume Collection Of Bodyparts
22. Rukkende Mus
23. Necrotic Eruption
24. Septic Convulsion
25. Born To Murder The World

Last Days Of Humanity
01. Dysenteric Headless Investigation
02. Deranged Bloody Autopsy
03. Garbagebag With Human Waste
04. Crispy Between The Boils
05. A Portion Of Pulpified Leftovers
06. Dryheaving On Blood
07. Splatterattack
08. Drowning In Pus
09. Whipcream with Sperm
10. Squashed Bodyparts
11. Dragged Behind A Car By His Guts
12. Kicked To Death
13. Larval Infestation Down Your Lungs
14. Ripping Teeth From The Jaw
15. Mangled In A Shredder
16. Piss Fed Fungus
17. Rigor Mortis In A Frozen Body
18. Cataleptic Liver Explosion
19. Congenital Deformities Sprung From A Pussy Womb
20. Lacerated Cunt Incision
21. Autopsicated Feacal Reunion

Lymphatic Phlegm
22. Omentum - The Forgotten Organ / The Surgeon's Friend
23. Ready To Rip Dura-Mater
24. Hospital And Clinical Responses To Medical Emergencies
25. Peripheric Dissemination Of Systematic Pigmentous Urticaria
26. Pyocollection Excreta / Suppurration Sets In
27. Pus - Filled Stiffs Decortication
28. The Bright Blue Of Cadaveric Ecchymosis
29. Autopsy Findings - Putrescent Organ Harvest
30. ....Pyosissification Starts The Whole Process Of Exarcebation
31. Adipocera Cadaverica - The Natural Lubricant Of The Pathologist's Gloves
32. Labia Minora Suppurates In Necrotization
33. Completely Liquefying Organs (Disgorging In Putrefaction II)
34. Formaldehyde - CH2O

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01. Covered With Faeces As Decoration
02. Visible Stains Slashes & Marks Of Self-Disgust
03. Sewing Up The Abdominal Rupture For The Successive Acts Of Degradation
04. Sexually Imminent Perverted Deviant
05. Infinitive Putrefaction In Progress
06. A Manual Of Heinous Ways In Degeneration
07. In The Wards Of Large Scaled Decompositions
08. A Delightful Scenario Of Depravity
09. Equal Pleasures In The Realms Of Dehumanisation
10. Intrigue Redolence Inside Putridity
11. Immersing The Body In A Cesspool Of Lye As A Satisfying Method
12. Deliberate Full Corporal Slicing With A Cleaver
13. The General Attributes For Partial Trunk Separation
14. Careless Utterly Dissected
15. Irresistible Fixation Of The Human Disarray
16. Corroded Hookworm Phenomenon
17. A Demonstration In Disassembling The Bodily Numbless
18. Fragrant Facial Purulence
19. Carnivorous Nausea
20. Slithered Limbs (Adorable Congestion Of Body Remnants)
21. Gradually Cut Up Under A Series Of Light Sedations
22. Continual Septic Waste
23. The Beauty Of Perfection In Sensible Cruelty
24. Allowing The Carvings For Mutual Compassion
25. Driven By Motivations Of Gracious Hatred
26. Disconnected The Cranium With A Sense Of Peculiar Interest
27. Emerging Fungus During Gastric Pressures
28. Some Edible Innard Fragments Of Digest
29. Accepted Foulness Amongst The Humane
30. Proceed The Mass Lite Disposal Without Compassion
31. Saw Down The Remaining Carbonised Bits
32. Precisely Eviscerated And Conserved In A Formaldehyde-Methanol Solution
33. Exceeded In A Frenzied Mayhem
34. Congenital Interior Defects
35. Persuaded In Legalized Cannibalism
36. Educative Treatment In Torture, Abuse & Finally Beheading
37. The Hatched Justifies The Means
38. Behold The Freshness Of Tenderised Human Meat
39. Prolapsed Transpired Bowel Junk
40. Preservation Of Headless Carrion
41. A Divine Proclamation Of Finishing The Present Existence