Elder - Omens lyrics


01. Omens

Cursing the day
Palisades of the shadows
Against the weight of decay
Grey light in bloom

Wasting away
In the embers of power
Not a voice to remain
Echoes of the past

In the ruins tomorrow
Lies the meaning of today
where only memories are hallow
For time to wash away

Gaze upon me
I have seen the end
Suspended in light
An omen to portend

One are we
Ae vigil in the end
Suspended in light
Days of halcyon descend

A temple from another age
A peace to transcend
loss fading away

Navigating the empty spaces

02. In Procession

The solitary purpose
To outshine the heavens in our minds
Thoughts rain down a thousand suns
Flicker on the surface of the own

The principle of reason
Wielded once in service of the all

Detached from the master's hand
Blind and writhing ever toward the end

Bleeding out
A macerated land
In veneration
Raise a monument to man

Marching onward
Treading on the scars
In procession

03. Halcyon

Holding onto a moment
A solitary thought
Plain and overwrought in the same

Seizing in focus
A second of the day
Our own duality overcome

A paradigm, a meaning to itself
Shifting out of view
Slipping away into naught

Raining down on me
I can feel the earth
What has come and gone
Vanishing with no return

04. Embers

Eyes face toward the sun
Mounting the empyrean
Everything is all that will remain

Fate is just a word
Striking straight into the nerve
We all cast a shadow of the pain

What is it you want
Consuming every thought
Consuming all you are
Piercing right into the core

A fallen star to deify
Glowing in the morning light of all demise
Bowing softly toward the end

Staring at the sun hanging in air
Wait for it to fall
Seeing with the eyes of an animal
Backed against the wall

Carrying the voiceless in a hope
And a hope within a sound
Burning down to ash to disappear
Without a trace upon the ground

05. One Light Retreating

Golden leaf wrapped around the neck, idly turning
Reaching for the sky to touch the sun again

Drunken innocence, somatic senses corroding
Roots that yearn to wander and reclaim

Wander on
Floating through the world we made before it's gone

Walk along
One last time to say goodbye

Footsteps echo on
In perpetuum
An age of halcyon
Fades into the past