Wastefall - Soulrain 21 lyrics


02. Stunned To The World

Music by Domenik, Alx
Sick o Clock
in a sick old world

We all run under a shattered sky
under the sick we laugh and cry
Collecting fragments of our existence
while keeping the greatest distance

Drugs are trading youth
We touch the thorns to feel smooth
over the surface and under the skin
they show us their hug to swallow our dream

Take what is left from this world
and make it your home
Keep it safe, keep it warm
For this child

Love what is torn from our soul
Remember the reason
You woke up one day
Filled with dreams

03. Empty Haven

Music by Alx
The key did turn and locked away
what could have been pure, could have been love
The lights were out, the sheets are clean
These all, are mine shhhh... don't tell

There's so much blood that i feel sick
But blood is life, don't turn away
It's hard when beauty can't be trusted
It's hard not to care

Forgive me i'm falling
All hope now is beckoning
Give up your sences
Give in, in all our lies
This haven is empty
is my dying shell
No golden coins for me no wishing well
I stand alone for your last...

I place my hands before my eyes
to hide away to ease the pain
Tommorow seems so fucking pale
In past times for things undone
Over this mental grave i mourn
Wake up my love there's still hope left
But you'll stand here day by day
Year after year
Life after death...

04. Lullaby For The Gods

Music by Domenik
Angels fly above the ember
"To believe is to know that everyday is a new beginning
It is to trust that miracles and dreams really do come true
To believe is to see angels dancing among clouds
To know the wonder of a stardust sky
And the wisdom of the man on the moon
To believe is to know the value of a nurturing heart
The innocence of a child's eyes and the beauty of an aging hand
For it is through their teachings we learn to live
To believe is to find the strength and courage tha lies within us
When it is time to pick up the pieces and begin again
To believe is to know we are not alone
That life is a gift and this is the time to cherish it
To believe is to know that wonderful surprises are waiting to happen
And all our hopes and dreams are within reach If only we believe "

05. Lesser

Music by Domenik, Alx
The more I have
The more I need
The less I live

Consume the air
Consume ideas
Consume ourselves

Below these skies
The same old lies
The same deceit

The parent's words
The shining knives
Cut off our wings

I'll break concrete walls(BREAK)
Concrete souls (HEAR)
I'm not alone(NO) Follow me(SEE)
Through my eyes(LOOK) We can be free(FREE)
From all these(RUN) Here I come!!!

I feel abused
What can I do?

This world is trying
To keep me down
To lock me up

I want to shine
They won't let me rise
I hate this marsh

A lesser god
For a lesser man
The line is clear

STAND UP and take my hand
RUN FREE and sweep this land
FROM ALL the fear and pain

Do not forget me
Do not forget my words
Cause I was the one
Fighting those mortal gods

Do not obey
Please just just follow your will
Let them be worried
Every one of us is GOD

Take no advice
Your life belongs to you
Wear no disguise
Do what you have to do

06. Live With It

Music by Domenik, Alx
Now shut your mouth
Dive into the crowd
Wear the same fainting smile

It's time to slay the youth
Time to pull the tooth
And implant new ideas

Put'em all in row
I will run the show
Let their eyes to hang down low

Idolize the fools
Fit into the rules
Kill the mind for a safer world

NO belief - Barricade
Knowledge's gone - Suffocate
Burn the books in our command
Feed with pills - Aye Sir!
Feel no thrills - No Sir!
Let the void take it's toll

Hug me and tie my eyes
So I compromise with all that I see
Hold me and ruin the beauty
That could have changed me
Into a better man

Shape me but it's ok
Cause day by day
I'm lacking reason
It's one way or no other
I don't have to bother
I'm feeling safe alright

07. Summerlonging Angels

Music by Domenik
HEre we are, children on the run
Sea and salt, baptized under sun
In a Churchyard dream
I think I kissed you crying
And summer dwelled all inside her skin

Waiting by the ruins
Away from eyes that seem so cold
Wedded loved and untouched
Witness be the dusk

Longing for this summer love
Unveiled I lay my heart
Into the waves
She... the sky the universe
Smells of long gone innocence
I pray for me?
Waiting by the ruins
Waiting for God?

Waiting, longing, anticipating, craving
Into the waves a liquid angel
Oh God how I miss you!
Looking for her, drifting on clouds
And what if you are unreal?

08. Self-Extinction Project

Music by Domenik, Alx
There is the need
To look up to someone else
The need to crown a king

'It's solitude
The mirror lies its way to me
Never look'-so stupid-

You disrespect
You waste yourselves in
oldsweat dreams
You kill to recreate
But there's no way back

A journey's vain
Questions asked when reason lacks
Where to find myself?
But who am I to ask?

You !!! Tell me how
Will it end. This war with myself is obsessive
Tell me where
Should I seek for a sky that is not so depressing
Tell me when
Will it start so I won't be so sure that has ended
Tell me why
Don't you speak? Now I need you the most!!!

09. Riot Of Oblivion

Music by Domenik, Alx
The city lights break the darkness
Like we're in a feast somehow
Who forgot us? Who did we forget?
Remembrance is sleeping with the dead

Cheap champagne on ice for a toast
Exotic spice from the eastern coast
The river now begins to flow
In cracks of oblivion

Crimes untold, darker days unfold
Mass media corruption to the world
A tone of information in a child's mind
How do you want me to remember last night?

A moment's price
Is raised to a thousand lives
The future has no past
And were exposed

What used to be
Is no concern to us
We are the acid rain
into the eyes of truth

We never learn
Cause we don't look behind
We're just a dying race
Racing time

We never sit in silence
Just to think again
That what we loose today
Is all because of yesterday

And then more centuries
Will come to take their toll
While we sleep in our shells

Lay now back
Put your heart in my hand
Why do you forget?
Speak the truth and this sun will never set

You've been fed
For far too long you've been led
By blind gods of flesh
Sheep to knife, claws to the nest

Our children born
From beings old, wrecked and torn
What? What can we give?
When we never learn to live

Lacking memories, my love
Tears never shed,
seeds never sown
Far too many starless nights
Far too many sterile fights
For a world dying fast
Taking our memories away
This new world order trade
We have no past

They tie us into a chair
Our home is now their lair
Enslaved in mind (and heart)
We are unable to believe
We haven't the privilege of a dream
Beyond the dark (we are)

10. Fountains Of Fire

Music by Domenik, Alx
The will is burning but the flesh is weak
But this won't stop time turning, won't force the gods to weep
These waves are full of bloodthursting sharks and hate
But an angelike mortal has a different fate

"Beloved strength I hold your essence tight
my every breath claims that I can fight
my every heartbeat sings about my lust for life
my every step justifies my strife"

In this place where miracles are just
A fraudulent disorder
Where being different is a crime
To a judgement growing colder

I don't know for how long you can
stand the pain
But I know that your cause is
not like scattered rain
So breed the magic from
within your will
And create a fountain out from
these waters, standing still

11. Numb Lake

Music by Domenik
Life holds so many priceless things
The falling rain, the singing winds
Each star on high, each shining moon
Each sunbeam dancing in your room
Treasured time

The river as it rushes on a sunset as when day is gone
No wealth can buy a mountain tall
These priceless things belong to all

Could anything be quiet as tear
As laughing children that we hear
The gift of friendship that is ours
The miracle of growing these flowers
Each magic moment treasured time
These priceless gifts are yours and mine