Iron Fire - Thunderstorm lyrics


01. The Final Crusade

Music & lyrics by Martin Steene
Commanded to fight
And defend the light
Against the unknown
We stand alone

Some will die
And some will cry
We will return
Prevent or burn

Stranding strong
One for all
Hail to the brothers
And the glory of the sword

The battle has begun
The troops of the Sun
Will fight for the pride
Side by side

The burning pain
We will enchain
The brothers of war
Will strike forevermore

Stranding strong
One for all
Hail to the brothers
And the glory of the sword

The final crusade
The gathering of steel
The final crusade
Surrender or kneel

The final crusade
The rise and the fall
The final crusade
Once and for all

Glory will arise

02. When The Heros Fall

Music & lyrics by Martin Steene
When the men fall to the ground
Their rebel hearts begin to pound
The brothers of the ancient clan
Servants of sacred land

At dusk they will raise their swords
To honour the fallen ones
They will drink around the fire
In the forest of immortality

Their freedom has been taken away
But they will never ever obey
The king of many lies
Is the devil in disguise

When the heroes fall
Their fight won't be lost forever
When the heroes fall
Their spirits will live on and on
When the heroes fall
It's the rise of the chosen one
When the heroes fall
The wind will blow
When you hear the holy call

Sorrow will strike the king
And he will die before the spring
His castle will be burned
Death is what he has earned

When they return from the field
All their wounds they will be healed
Revenge has been fulfilled
Battalions of evil they have killed

03. Rise Of The Rainbow

Music & lyrics by Martin Steene
I have seen the magic light
Shining down on me
I have heard the demon cry
And the burning witches die

Thoughts of darkness, let me out
Cause I am dancing on the edge
Am I lost or alive
Without any hope to survive

Holy Dragon, fly with me
To the sky across the sea
Gods of glory, set me free
And break the prophecy
Just to see the

Rise of the rainbow
Rise of my soul

Will the sun ever rise again
And stop this evil dream
Oh, master, heal my sword
'Cause I will only serve the Lord

Give me strength to carry on
And fight this twisted world
Born to rise, born to burn
In fire I will return

Rise of the rainbow
Rise of my soul
The rise of rock n' roll

04. Metal Victory

Music & lyrics by Martin Steene
As brothers we will unite
And fight for the might
We are like sent from hell
Born to ring the bell

Of glory and faith
Before its too late
Prepare to fight in war
Under the thunder roar

The troops of steel
They have heard the call
The power of metal
Will never die

Will reach for the sky
In glory we die
On a quest of eternal pride
Into battle we ride

Fight proudly forevermore
And serve the metal law
The endless crusade
Will strike with fire and hate

We will fight for victory
And defend the holy light
Brothers of true metal ride
Into the night

The time has come for us to fight
Mighty sword be our guide
Hail to the power of
Metal victory

05. Thunderstorm

Music & lyrics by Martin Steene
In times of darkness
In times of war
The warriors will ride like never before

In search to conquer
The unholy light
The sound of thunder
Will bring us to fight

Black horse now ride for me
Into the sky
I will fight until
The day that I die

Blows in my mind
The magic spell
Makes me blind
Thunder storm
One of a kind
The legend that
Won't leave us behind

We are fighting the dragon
With fire and steel
Only in blood and pain
The beast will kneel

In death or glory
Immortal we stand
So we will defend
Our holy land

06. Behind The Mirror

Music & lyrics by Martin Steene
Look at them fight
With magic at night
The wizards from the past
Look at them burn
Look at them die
With fire in their eyes

Follow the winds of fire
Deep down to hell
The dream of flying higher
And find the secret bell

Where have they gone
The creatures of might
The Dark Lord has taken their souls
Will they still burn
Or will they return
With fire in their eyes

Behind the mirror
It's another world
Behind the mirror
It's a another life
Behind the mirror
It's a distant dream
Welcome to the world
Behind the mirror

Look at the night
Open your eyes
The mirror has taken your soul
Is there still hope
Is there still life
Behind the burning eyes

07. Warriors Of Steel

Music & lyrics by Martin Steene
Riding through places where there eagles fly
Through the valleys, seeking for our destiny
The path of glory lies across the northern sky
Into the kingdom of the evil majesty

Lord of darkness, be prepared for war
On a holy quest we will ride
And strike with power and might

Hunting for revenge and the stolen treasures
And the holy steel that lies beyond the ancient sky
Of the enchanted hills where the dragons fly
Fight eternally for the mighty warriors of steel

On a trail of blood the castle will appear
The land of chaos will taste our steel
The time has come where justice is near
We will conquer, fight and reveal

We are the warriors of steel

08. The Battle Of Freedom

Music & lyrics by Martin Steene
Hear the drums pound
Hear the bell toll
The fallen one that burns in the sky
A journey so long
To somewhere beyond
The Dark Lord is calling your name

Into Battle you ride
To set your spirit free
And if you die
A legend you will be

Unchain your spirit
Fly with the wind
To the master you are ascended
Out of the dark
And into the sky
Your soul will, it will be free

Ride, ride with me
To the fields of eternity
Ride, ride with me
To a place where we'll be free
And let the battle begin
And we will be free

Behind the shadows
Is a place called divine
It's our destiny
Only one sun will shine
When we are gathered tonight
We're all destined to be
Legends of the holy light
And together we'll be free

09. Glory To The King

Music & lyrics by Martin Steene
This tale is from the Magic Kingdom
Told by generations
About the king's crusade
Against the mighty dragons

Many years of endless suffering
Still no sign of the king
Now the people are forced to serve
The Lord of Darkness

As a shadow he is riding through the night
Into rage, into battles he rides
Soon the majesty will appear
And the empire will rise

Freedom will have its victory
By fire and steel
The return of the king
The crown and the ring

He is fighting for the peace
Destroying all disease
The fall of the Dark Lord
By the power of the sword
The Gods of the Promised Land
Will bring glory to the king

From the dark hills through the enchanted woods
Riding on the wings of glory, embraced by the holy light

10. Angel Of Light

Music & lyrics by Martin Steene
I am lying here with tears in my eyes
I guess it's time to say goodbye
Do you remember all the love that we had
But now it's lost and gone

I keep a candle burning
Deep in my heart
But I am still learning
That we are so far apart

Angel of light
Shining so bright
I just want to hold you close
And feel your love tonight
Angel of Light
Shining so bright
I am so lonely, baby
Lonely in the night

Rainy days, lonely nights without you
Now I'm just lost in my misery
Left with a broken heart with no strength to carry on
But the memories I just can't forget, oh no

11. Until The End

Music & lyrics by Martin Steene
Riding through the ashes
Of many broken swords
Lord of thunder, take them higher
The resurrection
Of the evil majesty
Flying on winds of fire

Through the holy land
With danger in the eyes
To the gates of hell
To the devil in disguise

Ride into the sky
Where the eagles fly
I will never die
Break down and cry
Yes I will prevent
From heaven I'll descend
And I will defend
Never repent
I'll fight until the end

The scream from the darkness
still goes on and on
It nearly drives me insane
Shadow of the black moon
Appears in the sky
The fear is running through my veins

12. Riding Free

Music & lyrics by Martin Steene
Flying free as the wind
Like an eagle in the sky
No rules will ever hold me down
My soul will never fall
Destiny wont you hear my call
The chosen one, who is born to wear the crown

Riding fast through the night
I am the keeper of eternal light
Holy blood is in my veins
Independence I will gain

'Cause I will ride over the rainbow
Into the promised land
I will ride through the fire
In search for victory

I will ride across the rivers
Which flow with holy blood
And I will ride and never surrender
I am riding free with the wind

Freedom will take its toll
And I will conquer all
Facing evil to cease all slavery
Fighting all the demons
which infiltrate the world
Breaking the chains of pain and tyranny

13. Under Jolly Roger

Music & lyrics by Rolf Kasparek
Weigh anchor, hoist the sails
Cruisin' for booty on watery trails
No exploiter we see can still sail on
Our cannons fire till his ship goes down

Fly our flag, we teach them fear
Capture them, the end is near
Firing guns, they shall burn
Surrender or fight, there's no return

Under Jolly Roger

Venerable scoundrels, no blood on our hands
Our engagements are tough, but only for defence
Carefully we sail around the reefs
To force those die-hards to their knees

Coming through the waves to free all the captives
Boarding the vessels, we know all the tactics
We're the menace, the curse of the sea
We pulverize the men'o'war, pay or flee