Nocturnal Rites - The 8th Sin lyrics


01. Call Out To The World

Ive rushed a million miles, havent moved at all
Just like the rats, I will keep on going
Ive severed all my ties, set up for my fall
And just like that, Im back at square one

Take me, somewhere
Wake me from this nightmare
Hear me, call out to the world

Someone, somewhere
Save me if I fall, youll be my savior
Lead the way; I call out to the world

All these countless bugs, crawling in my skin
Im losing hope, and Im, going nowhere
Ive heard a million lies; my patiences wearing thin
Up to my throat, and Ive, heard it all before

02. Never Again

Father, father, help me
I have sinned again
I just killed my last friend, can I go, can I go?
Father please relieve me
From this cross I bear
Couldnt help myself, cant we let it be?

No, never again
Never the same, my friend
I owe my lesson learned
Never again
Ill never crash and burn again, again, again

Father, father hear me
I am on my knees
And our dirty secrets, I wont tell, I wont tell
I got the shortest straw here
Youre really nowhere near
To each his own, Im better off alone

Youll never, youll never learn
Just burn your bridges
Ill never, Ill never fall again

03. Not The Only

Lying awake, alone in my bed
Voices are calling from inside my head
Youd be surprised, if you knew what they really said

From my dark rooms, Ive shut the world out
I hide from the word cant you see,
(its) too painful to talk about
Im not what I used to be

Some things we leave alone
And wish that wed never known
And sometimes we go too far
To hide our scars

I am not the only,
The only one who runs
No, I am not the only one
And when its down
To wire we all run
Im not the only one

Break down the door;
Let in the light
Im not the same anymore,
I have to come clean you know
These loose ends just got to go

04. Tell Me

On this dead end road
You just sold yours souls
Buying in on what they told

High and mighty you
And your washed-out smiles
Tell me now, who's fooling who?

Wont be afraid no more
Here you found what you're looking for
Settle for less, round up the clowns,
Obliterate this mess

Say your prayers, little one
And tell me, yeah tell me
After all is said and done
Tell me now, tell me now

I see right through you
How you cry on cue
Thats just all you've left to do

05. Not Like You

Its time to go,
We know there's something calling
There's nothing left out here at all, no
Were going crazy, its no illusion
We've had enough, so here we are

Who walks a thin line?
And who's running on the edge?
This time we know its real
Were falling face down, right into the ground

We are not like you, we are not the same
Not like the fools who follow and live their lives tomorrow
No, we are not like you, we are not the same
And so the story ends, we will never be like you

We've had enough, there must be something better
We turn our backs and walk away
Were getting tired, of all you liars
We've heard it all too many times

06. Leave Me Alone

Name the sin, count me in
Remind me that were dreaming
Bleed me dry, then hang me high
And call me the fool that Ive been

Hate this state that Im in

Cause were back
Were back to the same old story
Were back
So leave me alone, leave me alone again

Pour me out, run me down
And bore me till Im done for
Wash me up, say no more
Leave me whats left on the floor

07. Till I Come Alive

Woke up today, no hope for tomorrow
What I thought would wash away
Needless to say, Id kind of lost my way
So Im right here, waiting

No more, no more
Wont stop trying till I know Im alive
No way, no way
No denying till I come alive

I turned on a dime,
And counted my blessings
So no more wasting time
Wiped out the slate,
And finally turned the page
And Im right here, waiting

No, thought I still believe in nothing
Never crawling, never falling
Ill never be like you

08. Strong Enough

One bad seed in this filthy gravel
One bad turn on this crocked road
Took me here, to this path I travel
Made me pay for what I owed

One black cloud on my silver lining
One bad turn that I can�t through
Someone else when I look in the mirror
Someone new in the tainted glass

No, I cant stand it

Here I go, all alone
Its time I made it on my own
They tried to make me, tried to brake me
But Im strong enough

Tried to mold, shape and make me
On my back, like a bad tattoo
Here I am, still torn and ragged
Half a man, thatll have to do

09. Me

One, just one more drink
One last cigarette and I am on my way
Oh last night, its all a haze
Here I pave my way through filth and broken glass

Something is not the same
Something is different from before
Guess that I, guess I died inside

When theres nothing more
When Id tried it all
Come undone, when the odds were close to none
When the moments there
The divide I beware
Then its me, only me

Torn, still torn and bruised
But Ive had my run, and Ill, Ill see it through
All for you, my sweet farewell
Oh, I cant believe that I survived this hell

10. Pain & Pleasure

Hear you call for me
Its too late, cant you see?
Couldnt help, they spit on you, and called you fool
I believe it just slipped my mind
That I left you behind
I cant help, you died that day that I betrayed

On and on

Pain or pleasure
There is no distinction
You will see, someday
That pain is just one step away
Pain or pleasure
There is no distinction
Wish I could explain
That pleasure is equal to pain

I am over you
I keep telling myself
Couldnt help,
They made you plead,
Made you bleed
I am sorry for what they did
Wasnt me, god forbid
It hit me now, Im just like them,
Or worse somehow

Now youre gone

11. Fools Parade