Detonation - Portals To Uphobia lyrics


01. Into Sulphur I Descend

I know that shadows give you comfort in the dark.
Tears that rain down rip my inner strength apart.
I will not break my back to substitute myself again.
For the shadow that drapes over your self awareness.

No Longer will I set the highest standard.
Into mountains of sulphur I descend.
Day after day after night
I expect nothing to see, nothing to become
But a stranger in misery disguised.

Within these borders your quest is ignored
Your work recreated, and your story untold
As I was from heaven send...
Will I not see my stronghold mend?
Into sulphur I descend

Our Reflections will never be seen together
The gates to your being...closed forever

When did our development die?
When did our search for progress end?
It all vanished with a cry
Time I shall never betray!

Will I not see my stronghold mend?
Into sulphur I descend

02. Portals To Uphobia

Let me dream of a fearless world
A life without pain
Let me dream of a desolate place
Where I can taste the falling rain
A search through isolation
Neglecting doors that are opened wide

Nothing, nothing to gain!
Further away from Utopia
Gone, the portals are gone!
Save for the ones to Uphobia

Valour departs from the inside,
Despite its' futile destiny
Daylight falls upon my sight
Confiscating paths that used to be

A fragile wall which separates
My reason from insanity...

Decisions have to be made
Changes are set to occur

03. Structural Deceit

As I search for energy to feed my resistance
Paths are blocked to decrease my persistence
There's something else that I need
A wound that cannot bleed
A room with innumerable doors
Energy from an endless source

This is my creation
Here is no custody
Where chaos and order
Are replaced by lunacy

Ignore my voice
While you're hunting me down,
For I cannot be forced
And I cannot be saved

From my own deception
Towards structural deceit

I am the God of my own creation
I am the deceiver of human perception
I will secure the ground on which I stand
As it was foretold, deception is at hand

Energy to feed
I am not the enemy
Structural Deceit
We shall stand!

There's something else that I need
A wound that cannot bleed
A room with innumerable doors
Energy from an endless source

04. Chaos Banished

Retreat to your cramped damp shelter
To separate the shadow from your soul
Seeking refuge from the hell you lent her
Where conscience died to lose control

You may try to bury me
Underneath you stack of lies
But through impatience you missed to see
I will surpass your pathetic cries

Will I invoke the burden you bare?
To lower slit wrists into rivers of regret
Chaos Banished

Your foul manner reaches above and beyond my realm
Day after day... your presence fills me with hatred
So sickened by the sight of inhuman filth
And it was decreed that all must be exterminated

05. End Of Sight, End Of Fears

Taste the despair coming from my hands,
The insanity flowing through my veins
Strength unknown has taken control
A challenge lost forlorn

My sight has been blocked
Although it cannot keep me down
Stolen from vision, detached from tears
I guest for sanity, constant after all these years...
End of sight, end of fears!

Strength unknown
Has taken control

This weight I cannot bear
Hands trembling aside
Capture my vision, and take my fears
An era coming to an end
Motives I do not comprehend
Oblige me to collide!

Incomplete is my reality.
Savaged within my insanity.
As I gaze upon my world
I start cleaning my hands
From the blood I have spilled
From the mistakes I have made

My time will soon pass
I lost the will to resist
Taken from vision, relieved from tears
I guest for sanity, constant after all these years...
End of sight, end of fears!

Strength unknown
Has taken control

06. Lost Euphoria part III


07. The Loss Of Motion Control

Your touch is dead
As is the life I pursue
Onward I stare into the surreal
My mind dies
As slumber comes for me to heal

By binding light I strive to obtain
The pendulum sharpens its axe once again
To fore fill my needs
To embrace my silence is gold
Means the loss of motion control

Within me hides a dead soul
A world of mirrors breaking
I gasp for air no more
As I unleash my impulse

My mind clouds
I don't think their was anything there before
Permanently unconscious
(To turn the abducting faces forevermore)

08. Solitude Reflected

Destructive, discouraging, isolated
Words that describe a secluded mind
In stillness I wither, yet deserted and enshrined

Away from my wasted core
Where structure has faded...
A shadow that I crave to ignore
In solitude I am reflected

No more contempt for me to obtain
The chain of endurance, broken in motion
Once the portals lock one by one
Restrain what may never become again

Questions that have to be replied
A shadow that wants to be fed
One life that has to be taken
I am not the one to decide

Systematic procedures and regulation
In general perspective
As common as the rise of dawn
Yet appalling to me
Like the coming of a deadly storm

Solitude reflected
Socially rejected

Fragments of the past
To painful to confront
Yet I am conscious of my task...
As retribution lurks from below

Decisions should have been made
Fear, a life span taken by phobias
Limited are the paths to take
Narrow is the path to euphoria

09. Beyond The Margin

I am able to withstand
I am able to withdraw
I can break your world apart
By turning your lies into pain

There is a clear social chaos,
Always present in your eyes.
Constantly trying to evolve
Incapable of submitting

Boundaries-enforced beyond the margin
A Sacrifice made
Disturbance in my perception
I was created in distress

As life withers away below my feet
And rain pours down as oil
Suffocating my body with greed
My skin burning into soil

A prisoner of my own perspective
Captured despite my will to change
I Witness the clouds divide
The air turns cold
Your futile world subsides...

10. The Source To Delve

Wounded by time and situation
I gaze beyond the boundaries of our horizon
My hands cut off to prevent resistance
Time shall foretell the duration of my absence

Preparing my mind for failure
For failure and deceit,
Nothing will satisfy me
Satisfy me in my need

Led into a state of misfortune
But through the powers that made me immune
And by the energy that created life itself
I am guided towards the source to delve

I'm reaching the end of tolerance
Which portal did I miss to see?
Nothing will satisfy me
Satisfy me in my need

And slumber comes down upon your perspective
Taking down all mistakes there are to forgive

I am supplied by anger, fed by mistakes
Gateways towards nothing
Nothing there to gain

The strength of light
Reduced to shadows
And fire and stone
Merge from where all hatred grows