Detonation - Biography


The band was founded under the name Infernal Dream. The line-up then consisted of Koen Romeijn on Vocals/Guitar, Mike Ferguson on Guitar, and Thomas Kalksma on Drums. At first, the band was considered to be a side project, with the purpose to make melodic black-Metal. However, after the first song was written, the band members realised that this band deserved more than to be a side project.

Otto Schimmelpenninck joins the band on Bass-guitar. The band's name is changed into Detonation and the studio is entered for the 1st time to record 2 songs ("Life in Hell" & "Slaying The Serpent" ) for the Crushed Skull compilation CD. A month later Detonation do their first gig with Death Metal band Engorge.

The Crushed Skull CD is released through Skull Crusher Records. In the April Issue of Dutch leading Metal magazine Aardschok the band is said to be the best band on the CD. Many gigs are played in the months following this release.

In October, the band enters the studio for the 2nd time, but this time to record their 1st official release, a Mini-CD entitled "Lost Euphoria", containing 4 songs, "Failure To Commit", "Euphoric Loss", "Reflection Of A Torn Spirit", and "Helplessness".

"Lost Euphoria" is released through Skull Crusher Records. After the release several gigs are played throughout Holland. Only positive reactions were given by magazines, and Detonation was stated as a promising band for the future metal scene. Despite this "Lost Euphoria" didn't result in a good record deal. In October 2000 and the following months Detonation is offered the chance to play about 10 shows as support-act of well-known Dutch Metal band Orphanage.

The studio is entered again to record 3 new songs to be released as a promo CD meant primarily for labels and venues. Along the way, Detonation's musical style has changed into a more thrashy approach of melodic Death-Metal. With the Promo CD, Detonation hopes to catch the interest of a label to release their 1st full length album. Meanwhile, as many gigs are played as possible to establish a good name within the scene.

After playing numerous gigs, which also included Detonation's 1st show outside Holland (Open Hell fest, Czech Republic), Detonation decide to record their debut full-length album, entitled "An Epic Defiance". The album is recorded within 2 weeks at studio Excess, Rotterdam (Sinister, After Forever, etc..) and contains 12 songs of heavy melodic Death/Thrash metal. With Artwork made by Niklas Sundin (Dark Tranquillity). The album turned out great, and sounds fresh and brutal. In the meantime, the mini-CD "Lost Euphoria" has been sold 1500 times, and is completely sold out at this moment.

After several weeks of negotiating Detonation sign a 3-album deal with well-know record company Osmose Productions from France. The goal is to release 'An Epic Defiance' worldwide as soon as possible. Also plans for tours are being made. In a meanwhile, the band is very busy writing new material for future releases. In june the band travels to England for 3 shows.