Vanguard - Hydralchemy lyrics


02. Spellbroken

Lyrics by J. Grym
I can't feel anymore
Your breath on my skin
Your calling has taken
Everything from me

I will not answer for
What I have seen
Your falling has broken
All that there would have been

For you see we are made of stars
And now our hunger burns as bright
You are the light of my night sky
And now we're so close apart

I want to hide just to be found
I want to try just to fail
I want to love just to break my heart
I want to die just to live again

Fight the force of apathy

Fortify and enshrine bereaved memories
Gleam and shine, now all gone
Lost utopia

Storm the gates, make a noise
Please hurt me again

You roam high above without veils of reality
And I'm forced to walk where the living haunt the dead


03. Chimera

Lyrics by J. Grym
Time to kiss your sould goodnight, let it ease its pace
Nightfall harvests daylight soon and stars lay down their lace

Eyelids falling into grace, third eye opens wide
Scrying into worlds once lost, godhood by your side

Fractal beauty in the smallest detail
Focal fantasy and curved reality
Gleaming starlets and twisted lightstream
Rivets of rainbow pouring throughout pinholes

Guiltridden thrusts
A man-beast fighting itself
Illhearted trust
A sindeep love that I felt

I'm watching your mind adrift, but feeling your breath near
Close to me but far away, free from daily fear

Soon I will be joining you in sweet unconsciousness
Caressing you with tired arms, inside our secret nest

04. Zenith

Lyrics by J. Grym
The sky shall fall on me from high above
The earth shall swallow me from down below
The fire will follow me until I'm ash
The seas encircle me until I'm with the flow

Recoil in searing pain
Release all hope and fear
Reject the myth and lies
Rejoice - immortal sin

The hails will batter me until I'm gone
The storms will chase me throughout my path
The typhoid strikes me when I'm on my knees
The swarms engult me until I am out of breath

Can you be the same
Will you take the blame

Can you bow in shame
Will you call his name

05. Scion

Lyrics by J. Grym
I feel you, you're out there
You're fighting - you're losing
I'll find you, I'll take you
I'll help you, I'll heal you

I taste you, you're bleeding
You're leading this same ancient way
I call you, now hear me
You cannot fight this anymore

Ever struggle you had
And every downfall you've felt
Has had its reason
For every hand life has dealt

Please feel my need for you and come to me this night
Life has almost drained me out - find refuge by my side
See that my love is real and let me take you in
The need to bleed grows strong in me - I'll free you from your sin

See your land surround you
You let your legacy grow old
The shadows draw near us
Our foes are now becoming bold

06. Ouija

Lyrics by J. Grym
Your mind will burn as you may learn
Where the answers lie
The question raised, the psyche amazed
Revealed by hand to eye
The deepest well
Erudition at your fingertips
An ancient spell
Afterlife eclipse

A silent soliloquy

Why should I always hear lies

Don't ask the age old axiom, if you don't need to know
The price to pay without belief will then possess your soul

The planchette driven enigmaboard
That whispers in your hand
Leads you to the one abhorred
The one beyond this land

Hear me all gods of eternity

Surging through your fingertips
The thousand year old lie
Raising veils of clarity, misting in reply

Vexing tease, rectitude
Blinded by one's greed
Gospel word, fallacy
All else supersede

07. Untold

Lyrics by Suvi G, J. Grym
You never knew the bliss I'm saving for you
What would I gladly have offered to borrow
Another truth I've kept in my heart from you
Having lost every priviledge of sorrow

It's a dream that will never come true
It's a dream that will never ever be
It's a dream that will never come true
It's a life that you have taken from me

Now here I lie, I'm bleeding my world away
You lead a frontier of desolate sorrow
And now I know that life you have drained in a day
Unmourned by a negligent widow

You and I will never ever be
How can it be so hard to set me free

Now you know all that brings hope and pain
And will now lead you from salvation
Give warmth and shelter to us all

You and I will never ever be
How can it be so hard to set me free

Now you know all that brings hope and pain
And will now lead you from damnation
Give warmth and shelter to us all

You and I will never ever be
Please set me free
Why won't you see

08. Whisper

Lyrics by J. Grym
Craven thoughts have crept under my skin
I stand crestfallen in front your divine shine
Abashed I walk behind your wake of purest soul
My lust for you is the one thing that is mine

Come into my arms my love
and touch this warmth of mine
A feeling so sublime

Braver now I stand before your gaze
Enarmoured beats my brutal pounding heart
Fighting yet again this endless war of fate
Asunder shred my torment part by part

Come into my arms my love and touch this warmth of mine
Each second passes through our life detroying finite time

Words that hurt me are the words that save me
Truths that save me are the truths that haunt me
Lies that haunt me are the lies that set me free

Listen to my words my love and share my greatest trust
All these words of vanity extend my haunting lust

Whisper to me
Just whisper to me
Whisper now, I need to hear
Whisper now, I live this fear
Whisper now, the truth is our
Whisper all to me

09. Scarlet

Lyrics by J. Grym
The warring world does not deserve
Nor will it do ever more than serve
All the needs and all the wants of man
The addictive passon of this throbbing land

The earth blushed deep magenta
And the stars pulsed roselight
Crimson streaked the skies
And seas turned scarlet in delight

Carmine bled the walls
Inside this pregnant lunacy
Bursting veins spill aubergine
And madmen scream obscenities

The strife inside won't let me go
This conscious storm won't let me know

Cry for my armageddon
That bares now down upon
What you have now forgotten
Will cleanse all begotten

I will never be the same
You will never touch me again

When you open your eyes
Your lips begin to sing
You're my forceful passion
You're my greatest sin

10. Slither

Lyrics by J. Grym
Slither gently around your wrists
Let it pull entwined your bliss

Around the waist and amid your breasts
Down the back to give you rest

Sightless vision flashed ablaze
Lash of pain your kingdom raze

Arched back lockdown overturned
Secret crests forever burned

Inside out the soul is bared
The deepest stormy seas are dared
Wanting the rapture of insanity

Entwined, entangled, ecstacy
Seduced, submission, symmetry
Heartfelt passion set astray
Skindeep sins now cast away

Highest of the highs we'll reach
And this sinful heart of woe beseech
Link to touch to sensation to lust
Wax to skin, temptation to sin

Forceful love deep subjugate
Dauntless weill - no debate

Slip the knot that holds you tight
Bringing pleasure as you fight

11. Black No. 1

Music & lyrics by Peter Steele
She's in love with herself.
She likes the dark.
On her milk white neck.
The Devil's mark.
It's all Hallows Eve.
The moon is full.
Will she trick or treat.
I bet she will.

She's got a date at midnight.
With Nosferatu.
Oh baby, Lilly Munster.
Ain't got nothing on you.
Well when I called her evil.
She just laughed.
And cast that spell on me.
Boo Bitch Craft.

Yeah you wanna go out 'cause it's raining and blowing.
You can't go out 'cause your roots are showing.
Dye em black.
Black no. 1

Little wolf skin boots.
And clove cigarettes.
An erotic funeral.
For witch she's dressed.
Her perfume smells like.
Burning leaves.
Everyday is Halloween.

Loving you was like loving the dead.