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Katatonia - Night Is The New Day lyrics


01. Forsaker

Music by Anders Nyström, Jonas Renkse
Lyrics by Jonas Renkse
Rage from a distance
The name unfamiliar
Spikes reach the heart
Time set for rewind

The dark will rise
Abandon your freedom
Give up the right to find your true self
Forsake your own reasons


Hand of a leader
Bleached by snowfall
Opposition is drugged
The great end is sweeping in

02. The Longest Year

Music & lyrics by Jonas Renkse
In the nights of old I always wished
In the longest year that had me down
And I would freeze if you ever asked me
That was my way

Confront the guilt and try to overcome
Do not go away
I'm not there yet

I can see fire
When I fall behind
When I give up
My thoughts redefined
How cold is the flame
Of our uncompromising future
How cold is the sun

The city lights are fading still
The coming sky so white
And I'm the dark of this our new day
This is my way

Find the one
This weight will hold me down
How cold is the sun

03. Idle Blood

Music & lyrics by Anders Nyström
You there
Bringer of my despair
You are stagnation of hope and will
O you personify loss and remorse
And you hide until my fears reappear

The love for life once bright
Out of sight
A burning fuse
The only flame I have
Fate's spiral down this curve
Shall only serve
The seeds growing my misery
These wounds kill time
My stuggle sublime
Idle the blood
A black state of mind
All dreams left behind

You claim to be my long absent friend
You are the cancer that just moved in
You come with the dark night of the soul
But I am turning my back on you
You know I do

04. Onward Into Battle

Music by Anders Nyström, Jonas Renkse
Lyrics by Jonas Renkse
In the still eclipse
Every light is a heartbeat
In the spring
Where I watch
The sudden change

I find this so hard

Onward into battle
Time is growing so dark around me
I, shallow one
I burn us out
Day by idle day

Days at the sea
My worlds are incomplete
In the blind spot
Where I saw you
On the 4th at night

05. Liberation

Music & lyrics by Jonas Renkse
Sold are the eyes I have
And cold is the wait for nothing
And dark
I write my name in a long line
How is it possible for you to try

It's coming true
I've changed my name but I will pass it on to you

No present thoughts
Coming day
Darkest wave

It's coming true
I've changed my name but I will pass it on to you
Our thoughts entwined
You speak
And I hear other words behind

I wave from the edge of the pier
And fade into the dreams of sleepers
I have had this stain for a long time
We called on the bird long before

06. The Promise Of Deceit

Music & lyrics by Jonas Renkse
Coming through the crowd
I hold my head high
Out here dissonance surrounds
I hold my head high
I see the wings behind your back

Burned all the maps to reach you
Watching distant names
I saw danger
And then I felt the pressure

This is our time
The setting sun over all I ever had

So when did you come to think
That you would tell me that I have no one
And when do you think that you
Will give back the things that you owe me

07. Nephilim

Music & lyrics by Jonas Renkse
Loving mother
He has come
To take your son

How he strides the earth
When only animals are awake
When the shattering of ideals begin
God of ruin
Will come to you

From the faded sky
Nephilim comes through foul air
And when morals will decline
God of ruin
Will come to you

08. New Night

Music & lyrics by Jonas Renkse
The pledge
I've forgotten this time
I am so uncertain
That my heart will go on
My beloved one
If you were here you'd find
That I'm not feeling well
But that I will have to go on

And though summer unwinds now
I have no reason to follow
I have only you
My sun is pale
My heart's old

So quiet this new night
There's a white cloud
Under my eyelid
My beloved one
There is swirling dark
Shrouding my freedom

Cold is the undertone
Hold my hand
I'm in the waiting line
Mute I stand
Barren ground

09. Inheritance

Music & lyrics by Jonas Renkse
Our inconvenient burden
It could be lifted off of us
If we gave up
To finally let go
Of the free will that we were given
Our graves
Above the timberline
Our names chalked
The pressure of wealth
No longer found

The unforgiven void
The forge in which our values burn
The resting leech
Our thinning minds
In my abstinence I turn to nothing

Let them inherit this fire now
Lest they will forget that we were
Ever here

10. Day & Then The Shade

Music & lyrics by Jonas Renkse
I will rise
To dreams of freedom
And avow
To return the treason that came under your reign
The day and then the shade
I have slept
Inside the season that froze within my grasp

All my fears come into view
There must be an end soon
When every waking hour
Is part of the lie

I will rise
Over glass cathedrals
And let go
With my eyes resting upon the nearing dark
The day and then the shade
I have slept
Within the reason that kept me so remote

Make a brand new vow
In the heat of an evening
The darkness swarms
I was nothing, ever
But red like the sun
Dying down over the freeway
Is the brand new sky
Over the mountain ridge

11. Ashen

Music by Anders Nyström, Jonas Renkse
Lyrics by Jonas Renkse
Won't forgive your ways
I strip my mind with all but scorn
The scales of madness mesmerize

Voice your dead prayer

You used me
But I had none to confide

Under a vail of stars
Where the darkness grows
The pressure from the chain that you hold
Me in
Ornament of scars
And the darkness rising
Over the ashen stains that I hold within

Did not forget the name
I stripped my mind with all but you
The scales of madness just before we die

12. Departer

Music by Jonas Renkse
Lyrics by Jonas Renkse, Krister Linder
The blinding white
So far behind I am
And running
Over idle ground
This evening
I kept my word
Did you
I'm turning around
Wait for your sound

Only so far
According to who
The journey of our lives
I'm so slow (when did you first say)
Compared to you
Departer (I swear it's the truth)
It's the month of July

In your eyes I was the stronger
So how am I to cover you now
Without shadowing your path
This time
I watch from the sidelines
Your ghost in the limelight
Face your fears
And pierce the night

So close
If only you knew
The story of our lives
I'm so rash (why would I swear)
Compared to you
Surrender (you know it's the truth)
It's the path of our lives

13. Sold Heart

Music & lyrics by Jonas Renske
When my heart stops
Will my wings unfold
Did you know that I had no one but you

When my eyes close
Will your blood turn older
Did you know that I had no one but you

In the snow veil
Where the ring of promise fell
In the cool white air
One stood abiding

When the road turns
Will my ghost find freedom
Did you know that I had nothing
So I...

Sold my love
Forgot the vow
It feels like nothing comes to mind
I pull the weight
And sing
That there's a new cloud over my grave
Now I know
That it did kill me when I could not have you
Sold my heart