Heathen Foray - The Passage lyrics


01. Fading Tree

Hail -- Hail to the Gods
That our ancestors praised in the woods
Skald -- Narrate us the tale
Of the God with sorrow in his heart
Tell us his fears

Odin the great sits enthroned Hlidskialf
Looking down to Midgard in deep grief

Tears in the eye you wouldn't believe it
Tears in the eye of the great God
See the fall of Odin's warriors
Snow keeps falling in this frozen land

Hail -- Hail to the Gods
That our ancestors saw in the skies
Snow -- Coating the land
Endless darkness rises from now
No more light

Under the oak we used to meet
To praise the Gods of forgotten times
Now it stands alone in the forest glade
The Whipping winds tear if the leaves
No one sees the fading tree
It passes away from the light of day

02. Northstar

We leave this land
To seek the islands for treasure
We leave this land never coming home

In defiance of privation
To crew is zest for action
Yearning for the adventure
Is Stronger than the jeopardy

Storm whips in our sails
Fear rises in my face
Planks groan a ghastly tone
Ours break by mighty waves

Northstar guide our way to the
Home of endless valour
Guide us through the ruins of war
We will sail forevermore

Northstar guide our way to the
Land of precious glory
Souls were meant to be
To trim the sails and roam the sea

Viel haben wir schon erlebt doch von
Einem Lohnt es sich zu erzähalen
An den Klippen am fremden Land fuhren
Wir entlang, wurden überrascht
Der Leviathan aus den Tiefen kam
Er spuckle Gift und Galle
Gottes hand verschloss den Weg
Wir sassen in der Falle

03. Winterking

I open my eyes
I see the sun shining through the night
The light that blinds Reflex the fear that I have no time
I watch the leaves
I see the glance shining icy bright
The day has come
I step outside facing darker side

Warmth keeps fading
Frost is cutting
Air I'm breathing
Death cold feeling
Now I see the hordes are coming
I'm still living!

Face of the Winterking
White frost on the fields
Creeps into the souls
Force of the Winterreal
Across the clear blue sky
The reign of snow will rise

Battle begins
Our Blades are sharp and against the foe
We march out
Mellow men fight against time
The field is lost
Save your souls from the Winterking
Leave this place
Cause your damned and you fight in vain

Time is running out
I am old and tired
Afraid of dying reckless
Golden light admired
The King's sword is grazing me
Remorsefulness desired

He covers the skies
Looks out the sun brings us endless nights
The ruler of ice
Collects the souls of the fallen knights
The fields is lost
Save tour souls from the Winterking
Leave this place
Cause your damned and you fight in vain

04. Fortress Of Faith

Arm the men and the lads
Sun will rise
Close the doors they will come
Four our lord
Man the towers arrows will fly
Let us prevail
Fire will rise bring them on
Prepare for battle

Let us proceed to the keep
For our land
Set them on fire hear the screams
Bring us their heads
Break down the walls win the fight
Get us their gold
Take this Fortress for our king
Take this fortress

Fire is raining from the skies
In the land of ancient rites
Honour, glory, fame and pride
Heroes die in that faithful night

See those men taking their lives
How are they fools
Wasting the lands burning the fields
Fortress of faith
Winning the battle loosing their lives
Blood on their hands
Crippled corpses in the night
All so senseless

05. Chants

It was a dark autumn moon
And we celebrated our crop
We were glad that we had
A winter without
Hunger before us
Every man and woman
Was light hearted at this night
Also the wine run down fast our throats

If it would be the highest mountain
Or it would be the deepest see,
You can be sure that I will find you
I'll come over you like hungry wolfs

The shine of the fire danced
Through the night and formed shadows
On that wooden was walls
Men who were friends from the day they were
Born lay down in pelts to close there eyes
Chants of my brothers still ion my mind
I surrender to my dreams
None of my sisters could have imagined
That it was our last night

Blood of the fallen imbues the soil
Earth turns red from the juice of life
Revenge for my brothers, revenge for my clan
Morning has broken, it will be their last
This is the last time I turn around
I won't return I won't regret
Chants of my brothers still in my mind
If you try can hear them too

06. Dragon's Eyes

Riders of honor
On the Quest for gold and glory
They make for the mountains
Dark Dungeons they will seek

Reign if the dragon
All will die in darkness
For the name of honor
Nobody will prevail

They ride into darkness
The eyes are full of fury
Seeking for sleeping one
Their swords hunger for blood

Lives seem so useless
All will die in fire
Fighters for glory
The end is coming soon

Those eyes so cold hearts of ice
I see my life through the dragon's eyes
I see right through darkest skies
I see the lies through the dragon's eyes

Blood on their weapons
Nobody will escape now
All of them are dying
With fire in their shields

Riders of honor
On the quest for gold and glory
Nobody will remember
The next will follow soon

07. Ancient Secrets

The journey begins my life has ended
Riding in winds the night awaits
My aim is near dark path before me
Crying no tear my spirit awakes

Time has come

I crossed the Bridge of twilight
Escaping from the curse on my side
Hiding from shadows of ancient secrets

The golden hall so majestic
Warriors of Odin horns full of wine
The one eyes told me answers of wisdom
I hear the hammer now I can see

Time has come

08. Wolkenbruch

Jahrelang hab ich versucht
Meinem innern zu entfliehn
Doch halt es mich schon so fest
Das es mich ewig schaudern lässt

Ich will doch nur
Endlich raus aus meinem Kerker
Ich will doch nur
Enlich meine freiheit fühlen

Träume verschlangen mich nacht für nacht
Kalter schweiss angsterfüllt
Erestickte schrete in der stille
Ich will raus aus meinem kerker

Das gefühl in mer liess mich erfriern
Dies brennende zeichen auf meiner stirn
Neid und zwietracht erfüllte mein leben
Niedere werte konnten mir alles geben
Dieser zeit hab ich den rücken gewandt
Die feheler meines denkens hab ich erkannt
Freundschaft treue und auch ehre
Geben mir seit nun aun meine kraft

Jeder schatten barg mir angst
Keiner seele wurd vertraut
Mein herz es wollte mir zerspringen
Ich wollt das lied der Freiheit singen

09. Theatre Of Battle

We are awaking from the night
Arming ourselves
For the theatre of battle
Long time eager for the fight
Arming ourselves
For the theatre of battle

Marching to the battle with no fear
In our hearts
Killing in the name of our clan

Voices calling in the dawn
Coming closer
Storming into the fog
Flags are waving
Silence dies by our horns
Souls are crying
Torches lighting in the dark
Swords are blazing

Ca you see the arrows fly
Slowly pouring down
The first men are dying
Let us hear the battlecry
The enemies are dying

Blood covered faces begging
For our mercy
Killing in the name our clan

10. Wilderness Lore

Edging away in the morning sun
Out to the woods to escape from traitors
Fast as a the dashing wolf
Leaving my live behind

Can you hear the falcons call
Shouting out for you
Wolfs are chasing through the woods
Passed by just a few

Hear the call of wilderness
Pass the trees on horseback
Haunted down by betrayers
Wilderness lore

My new live under the midday sun
Far away from my past life
Sitting on the river side
Nature's call is mine

Hear the call of wilderness
Pass the trees on horseback
Haunted down by betrayers
Wilderness lore

They found me in the setting sun
Pursuing me for countless days now
Strong is my pounding heart
Never shall I obey