Demiurg - Slakthus Gamleby lyrics


01. Life Is A Coma

Human cesspool,
the breeding never stops
Like rats,
like plague,
like aeons puking
Heel down,
to besiege a dying nature
Unknowing bastard breed,
of our own failure

Befoul the earth,
with our birthings of sickness

Life is a coma,
we only await to die
Life is a coma,
we only await the cleansing day

Comatose and bleeding,
let dying take effect
Its emptying your lifesblood,
feeding until you're dead

Never awaken your daydream,
a life where all have a meaning
Not that of a destroying breed,
a pest upon all the breathes

02. Death Grasp Oblivion

Entrenched in bitter soil,
twisting in the mud of days that past
Drowning in regret,
clawing at the possibility of a painless death

And then the death sets in,
empty sucking open bin
It needs to eat your soul,
your flesh will soon be an empty hole
The eater of souls has come
Run and run no more
This hole is the whole,
it eats both creator and whore
Death grasp oblivion
Death claws at your throat...
Death grasp oblivion,
the fingers of the foul ripping
Grasping for your life,
the rusting meatcleaver of unlife

03. Travellers Of The Vortex

Gathered to make the horrendous done,
chanting the words to invoke the ancient ones

The morbid fog covers the earth,
sentinent mist of ages
From crypts below the ooze,
of a thousand aeons

Open the gates to the fourth dimension,
let the vortex spill into this world
Maelstrom directing the overlords,
towards the heaving earth

Inside these temple walls,
kingdoms rise and aeons fall
The walls bleed blood,
jet black fuel for the altar

In the circle of ritual, open veins bring power;
the ones from above,
overload of human measures brings the gate

Invoking the spirits of another realm,
horrible masters of the dead

And in the aftermath,
the earth lay smoking dead...
Ruled by new masters,
from the fourth dimension

04. The Cold Hand Of Death

It chews me from inside,
the feeling there's no meaning...
No meaning to this life

Awaken into a morning of inanity,
wide open to a world of insanity

Just like a spike,
inserted in my brain,
the gnawing feeling that all is inane

Awaken into a morning of inanity,
wide open to a world of insanity

Trapped in a life of still waters,
threading the same path another day
Its like being drowned,
over and over and over again

Awaiting a death you fear,
feeling the end that is drawing near
The cold claw of something ınknown,
crouch in your house nothing saves you now...

Fisted by the cold hand of death

05. Cold Skin

So comes the night,
no time for rest or sleep
Barricade the door,
tired and weary with hands so sore
Counting bullets,
so many days left in this hell
Days are a haze...
trying to sleep yet getting none

Nights are infernal;
it feels like life undone
They crush and pound,
their cold hands on our door
In greater numbers,
than ever before...
They storm our bastion,
grasping for our souls

Their cold skin...
I feel it in my dreams
A thousand grasping fingers,
choking my dying screams

There's no escape...
Upon this island afar
Seeking shelter in resistance,
just like in my life before
The great escape from another life,
it stranded me in this secluded hell

If I shall die this freezing night...
at least I will do it well

06. From Laughter To Retching

Life's ways are narrow,
a crawlspace in time
Our existence shallow,
no time for understanding

Just seconds away,
lies our own demise
Our existence shallow,
no time for understanding

From laughter to retching,
in one millisecond
Burn out,
only time to fade away,
gone tomorrow dying today

No time to live,
only time to die and burn
From laughter to retching,
life's just for the reapers taking

A perpetual wasteland,
conveyor belt of flesh
From start to end,
no time for anything mend

07. Slakthus Gamleby

Eerie and cold lays the day,
awaken in this suffocating mist
To step outside and fall prey,
to that which hunts in this place

Lingering dreams from centuries past,
this place is old
Ruins and concrete silos,
harbor the dead inside

A voyage into pandemonium...
This world hung from chains,
and whipped into submission

Reality a mere fasade,
to cover the machinery that breathes

Slakthus Gamleby,
welcome in to experience flesh
A new way of living,
stripped from flesh and bleeding out

08. World Burial

Caught in the vortex of time now ending,
traveller transformed to something else
Bring back the core of wisdom,
that this world now ends

Inverted pyramids of human flesh,
enthrone the sky and whisper
Below all hell awaits,
to burst through cloaked gateways

Sordid dreams now come to flesh,
you might be the saviour

Cut through the veil of sick,
just to discover but human flesh

And then its all too late,
meet the army of pigs
Where to hide,
in a world left to its own burial

By a flap of its wings,
this world comes undone
The butterfly from Tibet,
infernal onset...