Leprous - Tall Poppy Syndrome lyrics


01. Passing

I wake to bleed another day
Dragging my anvil of pain
Betrayed, abandoned, rejected by life
My torment has branded its stain

At ease to leave this forsaken earth
My soul is awaiting my cry
Directing my lifeline away from its path
Soon is the moment I die

No way of sharing the pain that I feel
Disguising my plans to betray
Fire awaiting, my soul will be free
Tonight I'm passing away

How to live and how to bow
The lesson one must learn
Distinguish myself from your misery
Let's see now who will burn

All those who speak without a face
Now you'll remember my song
Before I was air, but not anymore
I might be pale, but I've never felt as strong

02. Phantom Pain

Keep in absence of truth
My smile within this hollow
Trust in me like I trust this noose
You will never find out why

Fire bleeding from this picture of you
Hide from this unpleasant
I'd give you the ashes
Only I could find one reason to trust in you

Let me go now
Let go of my hand
Find your own place
I found my promised land

Sink if you will
I'll never comprehend
Sink if you will
I'll never come to your defence

Bury yourself
Inside your phantom pain
All the way down
See how much pity you'll gain

Fight your shadow
In this light you'll go blind
I have seen the face of
He who lurks behind

03. Dare You

Feel the chills down your spine
Let me break down
Your last will to deny

Put your life on the line
And surrender your past
Don't ask me why

You must submit to my fatal mind
And make it your own
I dare not lie

Come now, don't look behind
Let me see that you've grown
I dare you to die

04. Fate

Head out to the unknown
With sincere dismay
Fear will direct you
Through the safest way

Never ask a question
Don't reveal a lie
Why should you bother?
When you can just pass right by?

Fate will take care of what to say
Fate will lead me to my decay

Fate betraying my trust
I can't resist it
I must

Give up when defeated
You'll never win a fight
Crimson red will stand out in the crowd
Where all is white

Though nobody bothers
If you suffocate
You know you can trust me
I am fate

Fate will take care of what to say
Fate will lead me to my decay

05. He Will Kill Again

Sight, what a terrible sight
Seeing my own demise
Worms crawl, maggots creeping
God, tell me that I am sleeping

I'm holding on in vain
You have killed again
Nursery rhymes off tune
Nothing can make it right
Letting go without a fight
He will kill again

She's supposed to light my way
Now this light blinds my eye
Senses down all is bleak
Why did you leave me dry?

Die! How could you kill like this?
Burning down all that's right
Why her smile? Why her life?
Speak to me, you have no right

Why did this have to be?
No colour meets my eye
And no tears left to dry
Life is but a terrible lie

06. Not Even A Name

Something that'll last
Forever, but never. Let it grow
Hurt from the inside
No one's on your side

No one to care for
Everyone to blame
No one to care for
Not even a name

A dream is reappearing
In inversion
The mind is working
Against the body

Signals misinterpreted
Language lost
The mind is working
Against itself

Keep building till you reach the sky
Don't look back. Don't slow down
A dream is reappearing
Now is the time to shine

Everything inside
Keep holding back
Don't let it out. Don't let them in

07. Tall Poppy Syndrome

Since the dawn of society, there have reigned a
number of commandments one must obey to attain
social stability and uniformity.

The commandments are:

You shall not think that you ARE something.
You shall not think that you are equal to US.
You shall not think that you are wiser than US.
You shall not fancy yourself as better than US.
You shall not think that you know more than US.
You shall not think that YOU are good at anything.
You shall not laugh at US.
You shall not think that anyone cares about YOU.
You shall not think that you can teach US anything.

These norms and values have been used to oppress
the free thinkers, making sure that nobody uses their
talent to distinguish themselves from their peers.

08. White

Pale aversion in fatal alliance
Scream for deliverance
Fake your own reverence

Drifting in and out, I won't lie
Insecure my visions blind my
Sight, my means, my faith, my view
I hate myself for trusting you!

Find the door, egress this white world
Tie these chains and link what's, take what's
Mine, what's yours, you're mine, not yours
Above discoloured vomit pours

Justification of violence of worst kind
I wish I knew it when,
White did not mean the end

When transfixion occurs as the first state
White is all that I see
This is how she came to be

No contradiction in warfare and worship
Sing me a lullaby
Please, can you dry this eye?