Seven Kingdoms - Seven Kingdoms lyrics


02. Somewhere Far Away

What do we want
What do we see
Is it full of other dreams
Or is freedom in our minds

How much do we prolong
Doing what is right
This is the place we belong
I want to go...

Somewhere far away
Out of this world, away from today
Somewhere far away
Where can we be our own pathway

Now is the time
To follow what we believe
It can be true, it can be real
Don't be so naive

How much more will we prolong...

Somewhere far away

03. The Ones Who Breathe The Flame

For our king, for our pride
To this battle we will ride
Let us charge with
Our swords in the sky

Aim for their heads
Make sure their hills are red
By our blades on this
Cold winters night

Seven days of freezing cold
Sleet, wind, and snow
Deep throughout the forest
Through the darkness we rode

The light of the moon will guide our path
The stars show us the way
We are warmed by the fire inside
The wants them to taste our blades.

Iolas defend
This sacred ground of fire
(By magic and steel we will take Drakken Hill)
Guide your men tonight
You'll need this alliance in the coming night

They surround Drakken Hill this night
(Prepare attack before the rising light)
Kings of past have given you the wings
(Now we charge for the rightful king)
Avenge the land on which I have bled
(Slaughter all make sure these hills are red)
Use magic of hero's past to gain
Trust the ones who breathe the flame

Gather round the fire my men
The battle is near at hand
Today is the day we will
Take the sacred land
Betrayers ways now have torn
The oath of the flame
Ready your bows, axes, and swords
At dawn we make it rain

Iolas defend...

They surround Drakken Hill this night...

04. Open The Gates

All controlled by this world
Dreams shadowed by their walls
All the masses heed the call
Prisoners of the lie
Deceived to never try
Brought down by the iron hand

Our strength will shine on
Only we can choose the path
Our quest for liberation
Finally here at last

Open the gates (Open the gates)
To the threshold of dreams
From pain endured
Choose your own fate
Darkness will fade (Darkness will fade)
All light to embrace
Power is yours
These chains must break

We were born to rebel
No longer locked up in this hell
Forever glory we will dwell
The strong will ride to face the hordes
By our blades driving force
Rays of light shine through the storm

Our strength will shine on...

Open the gates...

05. Vengeance By The Sons Of A King

Thor's hammer filled the sky
While waves wrecked his ship
Our fathers were bitten by vipers
Then cast into a pit
If only King Aella knew what he had done
He would have saved his own life from Ragnar's Sons

Now we ride
On horseback may our banners fly
We ride
To York where the king must die

Led by a boneless man on a throne made of steel
Lame he may be
But his arrows they will feel
(Punish the king)
York now a town of red, only Aella to Attack
Revenge was brought by an eagle carved in his back

Land was given to us in reparation
The king wanted us not to destroy his nation
Our banners fort was built in the kings land
His own warriors would help us make

Our final stand
Blood will be shed
By your own hand
Revenge by the Ragnar's Sons

Led by a boneless man on a Throne made of steel...

06. Wolf In Sheep's Clothes

Swallow your pride, you are nothing
Bring yourself into my binding light
You're forever cast in my shadow
Running lost through the night

You'll never be what you were born to be
Only a servant in my design
Forever a fool, forever my tool
Now a child of my mind

I'll never play your game
Of ignorance and selfish pride
You want others to see, what you'll never be
Without me by your side

True color shows
You're a wolf in sheep's clothes
Look and behold
You're a wolf in sheep's clothes

I refuse to kneel
At the feet of your deception
I'll be anything I want to be
My future's my conception

Hidden behind a mask of pride
Is a man with a spine of straw
A man in the cold, huff, puff, and blow
Then down he will fall.

I'll never play your game...

07. A Murder Never Dead

The emptiness is filled up within me
The pain consumes me
To the brim overflowing
I hear the silence so cold and overwhelming
So afraid and helpless
Nothing can help this

Darkness surrounds me
It fills my weary soul
Darkness consumes me
This light shall I see no more

I feel it coming quickly
I fear time my mortal enemy
Broken here I lie
A tragic dream
I cry

The last breath soon to come
Taken from me a chance to see
A chance to be
In the darkness, I must wonder
The in between of life
Only truth shall set me free

Darkness surrounds me...

I feel it coming quickly...

08. Into The Darkness

I drift away
Into the night
Underneath a blaze of starlight
I'll leave this world behind
My memories are fading away
All solitude shall reign

And if you say
"I can't remember your face"
Then I beg your forgiveness
I won't be afraid
Though blind I may see
I will see

I have fallen away (I've fallen away)
From the light (Far from the light)
Into the darkness (Into darkness blind)
No hope at my side (No hope at my side)
Into a dream (This is reality)
Reality seems so far away (So far away)
I open my eyes (I open my eyes)
To fantasy...

All I've betrayed
And all I've deceived
Visions of a past; so haunting
Blinded my eyes
Silent my voice
I walk the path of night

And if you say...

I have fallen away (I've fallen away)...

09. Eyes To The North

Out of darkness we will rise
Out of the dust of the earth
We build our empire to the skies
And set our eyes to the north
We spread our wings, prepare for flight
To show the world of our might
With steel and blood we conquer lands
Like a sickness we command

Our time to stand
At the hands of these foe

Clouds of evil
Encompass our lands,
Our homes, our fields, and our hearts
The knights of the south
Ride to the north
To take all that is ours

With thirst for blood in our souls
We ride unto northern shores
For our king we reap and sow
This is the fate of the Norse
We take the homes of beast and man
We cut down all that lives and stands
The path behind us lays in waste
As their stories are erased

Our final stand
To the destructor of all we know

Clouds of evil...

Now we take their homes and hearts
We hold a blade to the throat of their king
A slice at the neck is the fall of a nation

Clouds of evil...

An emanate doom
As the shadows loom
The enemy takes us with ease
We fight to the death
With every last breath
Our king brought to his knees

10. Thunder Of The Hammer

Our kingdom in peril
We fight for our lives
By mage and sword
Our enemy fought
With steeds of steel
They hold life in hand
Pray the kingdom be restored

The enemy watches
From their towers of stone
We make our stand
We risk our lives
Fighting for freedom
For our king and sons
Giving life to our realm

We will fight
A light in the darkness
The hammer leads the way

(Thunder of the hammer)
Sound of victory
(Power of our kingdom)
Brings them to their knees
(Thunder of the hammer)
Now we hold the key
(Metal is forever)
Our binds will set us free

The battle rages on
A flame burns in our hearts
Their gates will fall
As we march to their keep
The end in sight
The valor feeds the fire
Our brothers give their lives
In the fight for victory

We will fight...

(Thunder of the hammer)...

11. Seven Kingdoms

The hallowed books have foreseen the day
When one shall lead thousands of their way
To the walls of a kingdom that once was theirs
Finally to take the throne as the rightful heir

He was cast out at the edge of two
Raised by the elves, trained under the moon
They told the stories of how his father died
And how he'll be a leader for his banners pride...

(The time is here - the books were clear)
You're the one to lead - GO!
(The fire inside-shown in his eyes)
Ride to take your throne

The wizard saw a vision in the crystal ball
He told the king about the impending fall
He said the chosen one was to come
"Prepare for battle protect the kingdom!"

To the king it was a mystery
This blisteringly rewritten history
With his training from the elves, not alone
The rightful king returns to take his throne

(The time is here - the books were clear)

A sea of men with dragons high
Charge down towards the walls
A rain of arrows and fire fills the sky
Today this kingdom will...Today this kingdom will fall
Bring down the walls

Ara guide my legion of men
Through harms way and to victory on this day

We fought through the streets (Through the streets)
Led by prophecies elite (Prophecy)
To the throne he'll return (He'll return)
With vengeance his veins burn (Veins will burn)
By the blood on our blade (On our blade)
The wicked shall be repaid (Be repaid)
Today the king will die (He will die)
And again our banner will fly (Banner fly)

As the smoldering kingdom began to collapse around the king
Iolas came before him with sword in hand to take his stand
"You will answer me!" he cried
"For all the wrong you have done"
The bloody sword claimed victory for all the Seven Kingdoms

He was cast out at the age of two...

(The time is here - the books were clear)...