Vasaeleth - Crypt Born & Tethered To Ruin lyrics


01. Wrathful Deities

The scorned, born of the swarm rotate as fiery seer,
Centered in rhythmic uproar.
Dawned in winds not met with radiance.
The messengers of demise torn from planes to beget finality.
Crossing flame and sun to bring forth unto the flesh
The spiritual scars, to an eroded earth...

02. Figures Of Chained Spirits

Creation of Demon-form within engraved vessel.
Blood alone to lie consecrate.
Your IVth and your VIth as one create your obscured passages.
Within which the altar lays consecrate.
Scourge upon masks.
Your face reveals the Serpent form.
Construct into shape which pierces all and further projects my desire.
An uninhibited Will causing the most profound of transformations.
The blood sacrifice of conscious desire,
Creating the passageway to the Throne of the Most High.

03. Curse Seeping Through Flesh

Deathlike visions silence the tumultuous.
Eyes cut from the skull of mankind.
Hands bound in prayer to the endless,
To the abyss, neither above or below.
A cremation of thoughts formed in the matter of silence,
And boils to the surface the substance which gathers to corrode and wither.
To seep through the carnal and to decay flesh to dust.

04. Gateways To The Cemetery Of Being

Blood on stone and shell.
Fragments of dead flesh lay torn in corresponding pattern in parallel
To demonic being.
Plagues cast on life-forms.
Fumes of putrid spirit
To bless what comes with the horizon
With devotion to the coming death.
Wretched curses on dead flesh.
The cleansing of stone and shell.

05. Poisoned Tongue

I know you, Old Hag.
Who arrogantly struts in mosques--watcher of the sacred.
I, inhaler of the Black Curse, provoke your cowardly presence.
Through lighted suspension, my temple will scorn and cast you forth.
Hear the creaking hinges of the Sacred Portal ripped open.
You stab with invisible sword;
While, I throttle your throat.
Towards my breast, and with poisoned tongue lick your cheek,
To turn it black as coal.
My gangrenous wound becomes your body.
As I gloriously resolve to conquer the Most High

06. Spirit Of Noxious Miasmas

Spirit of Noxious Miasmas,
Hear my plea: Through the aethyric waters,
I seek the bloody prey of hope-through fatality-to see as you.
To see Creation in a river of boiling blood as Creator.
To crack its arms as two branches--later for cannibalization.
To know thy thoughts through the ripping out of eyes
That I might blind you to give myself sight:
For, I am not your guide.
To know Death through you unto man
That he would rend shred after shred of flesh;
While, the blood remains.

07. Adorned & Iridescent

In you I have observed emblazoned characters,
Adorned, and made iridescent within the Flame.
I call forth your divine nature and in your name mine does become...
Speak in your obscured tongue,
Who does appear in human form, as I,
In my divine nature, call forth your name which mine becomes...
Declare your 26 legions, aid in the Master's clandestine ritual.
Through engraved seal and envisioned archway,
Become he; proclaimer of destinies.

08. Crypt Born & Tethered To Ruin

Rest now as the throes of the unmanifest have inspired
The unspeakable, and tones fall on ever-scarred ears.
Obscure visions elicited by lustrous perfumes.
Remnants of the Black Curse crawl into transient sleep.
Oh, unclean sons, may this poison maintain its consistency.
"What is this that cripples tongues and hands?"
The unequaled obscenity that draws upon the tomb-cast ...
And begins to crumble all with the immensity of the universe.