Kaoteon - Veni Vidi Vomui lyrics


01. Veni Vidi Vomui

Let this record be a witness to this world's foul existence, this is a fuck you to all of our neighbors as we shall forever scream Veni Vidi Vomui.

It has been for long mistaken about the Lebanese that we love war, what the world is unaware of, is that we encourage peace with all of our shit neighbors, regardless of the

centuries in which they have been the source of local and international terror.

But till then, till the local peace has been achieved; we will be known as men who will show no mercy, we will feast upon your entrails, and whenever you dare touch a piece of our land, we will bury the bullets in our flesh if we must, carve the cedars in your skin, rape your souls, and I will not waste on your women's stomachs, a drop of my semen.

05. Provenance Of Hatred

I bid you welcome to my gallery
where my paintings are beheld by the few
the ones who swam across murky waters
and life fed their hunger with despair
those who enswathed their cold bodies
with the stars of the pale horizon
acknowledged sympathy of no form
and feasted upon the morbid banquets of hatred
Within the paintings of my gallery
lurks evil of mortal deeds
within the walls of my gallery
forever your are marked as the child of Cain
marks of pain, marked as the scion of Cain
denounced for a sect you were abducted unto
exiled for what was forced upon you
ostracized for falling to the temptation of a dissimilar love
Enter the suicidal fences
the lair of long dormant hatred
prejudice is what nourishes my Elysium
in a bleeding state of attaint they'll make you dwell
Bane of religion? Or bane of your fanatic existence?
Maggots claiming to be unite under the name of one God!
You've buried your God with your retarded manners
You've soaked your religion in crimson stained shame
carved upon our foreheadsthe mark of Cain
heavily our bodies totter
holding the mark of the slain
I bid you farewell from my gallery
Blessed you are for marching this field of crucifixion
Blessed you are for inhaling its putrid air
Blessed forever we'll be with this mark of damnation

06. Anthem Of The Dead

"اذا الشعب يوما اراد الحياة
فلا بد ان يستجيب القدر
ولا بد للليل ان ينجلي
ولا بد للقيد ان ينكسر"

هذه حكاية غضب
حكاية شعب استبده القدر
حكاية بؤس و ظلم
وشهداء الوطن

وطن دعائمه شهدائه
الاحياء منهم اكثر من الاموات
شبابه في القبور
وشيوخه طغات, ينهشون لحم الوطن

عشتم و عاش لبنان
عشتم على دم لبنان
سفلاء, قذارة
بجشع و شراهة
اغتصبتم دم الوطن

هذه حكاية غضب
حكاية شعب قد إلتأم من جذام
حكاية كره و احتقار
وابادة للمعتدي على الوطن

كره حول حملان بلادي
ذئاب جائعة
ذئاب ننهش الفريسة بانياب و أظافر
نفتك بمن كان يوما طاغية
وندنس ما تبقى من رفات جيفهم
على كراسى قابعة.

07. One By One (Dogs Heed the Call)

Like pigs, gathered for a feast
Mocking, laughing, slicing, crunching
With jaws dripping, gorging, snatching.
You feed on the entrails of the weak
Mocking, laughing, slicing, crunching
Jaws dripping, gorging, snatching.

The Chaotic order has to be terminated
The rule of the fuck-head, down the shitter
Dim-wits, morons, shit-heads, retards
Fill the streets, dictating a future.

Fuck them all, one by one
The righteous are six feet under
Dogs heed the call, dogs heed the call
Dogs heed the call, dogs heed the call
Dogs heed the call, dogs heed the call
Dogs heed the call, dogs heed the call
Dogs heed the call, dogs heed the call
And unto the streets. Rampage.

I wash my hands of you, and your ego
I wash my hands of you, and your race
I wash my hands of you, and your morals
And this foul belonging.

Like pigs, gathered for a feast
Mocking, laughing, slicing, crunching
You feed on the entrails of the weak.
Mocking, laughing, slicing, crunching
Jaws dripping, gorging, snatching.

Fuck them all, one by one
The righteous are six feet under
Dogs heed the call, dogs heed the call
And unto the streets. Rampage.

08. Decrepitude

Liar, is each man at heart
A pig in a more sociable form
never can he keep a word
and never can resist the more.
Perjurer, defecate of god
deceiver marked since yore.
You harlots in elegant cloths
molds of mud, can't make gold.
Perverted collections of filthy rot!
slaves of your own desires.
Bags of fart and semen,
mammals of stupid existence.
The seeds of pain you have long sough
have burst emotions of gore
my hatred unleashed, in rivers it streams
as burning lava will melt your bones.
nations ruled by penises
brainless obsessed by the smell of cunts,
giants in the size of cockroach' balls
feeding on the hearts of the living dead.
Mortal, lame mortal, ye concubine,
ruthless, tyrant, enthroned by man,
the crown, he wears, is morbid... putrid,
reigning, coronated by blood shed and lies
with empty promises, he infests his own tribe
feasting on the blood of his brothers
our wrath, of years, long held inside
this land, no longer, will show obedience
hence I label you as you have long marked me
I sentence you with banishments,
expel you from my universe... my society
eventually castigate along... my own self.

09. Wrenched

Memories haunt me... of a nigh future
With tales of an aeon to come
Where men turn barbarous
And wipe their own existence

An aeon where mothers breastfeed their infants
With poison instead of love
Where infants by taking in that nectar
Hatred breeds inside their hearts

Legions of hatred and iniquity
Are forged within the carnal canals
Seeds of a doomed future
Are sough inside the treacherous whores

With every seed they plant deep at bottom
A mercenary they plant on earth's surface
Fornicating the violating
Of the world as we know it

I gaze and see the seeds mature now
Proudly walking together as one,
Hand in hand, benighted are their souls
Marching... in our world's funeral

Wrenched are their hearts
Wrenched are their morals
Wrenched are their feelings
Wrenched, back to the disgusting essence of man

An army created inside a cheating whore
Will soon betray
And the conflict will start
Between man and his own brother

A war so glorious
It's result will soon be met
And the end of the battle
Will terminate the human race

I've seen it all approaching
The end drawing near
Where no one stands victorious
In your Chaotic Aeon.

10. Love Died (In Your Cunt)

Love Died (in your cunt)

For my sweetest two, life my mentor
And all the cunts I have previously trusted,
All the temptations you have put me through
And the contemplations that came along your warm existence.

Dearest life, you stepped over my dreams
Deprived me of the slightest fragment of hope
Buried me alive, and proved you're good at nothing but fuck

For all my wretched dearest loves
My most trusted cunts and whores
Only the ingredients of my pukes
May amount your status within me

Au lieu de l'amour vous m'avez rempli de l'haine pure
You object of paradoxical beings.
Respect makes you crown yourselves over me
Neglect succumb you on your knees and beg