Dying Fetus - Reign Supreme lyrics


01. Invert The Idols

Minds seduced by scripture, masquerade as pawns
Rejecting each other, they take on many forms
Minions praising with compulsion, statues stand and stare
Holy hymns, incantations, rise into the air

High on the myths of the church
They never quite see where they are
Like God, their devil is an icon, for face-painting frauds

A holy ghost laugh, a fetish for the weak
Satanic overlords for paranoid freaks

Always ranting and obsessing, hiding from themselves
Living out their fantasy, morbidly indulged

High on the myths of the church
They never quite see where they are
Their devil is a joke in the real world
Where death is never far

Burn all the icons, fuck your fairy tales
Cleanse your head of filth

Bred on illusion, fed on tradition pull the wool from your eyes

02. Subjected To A Beating

Thirteen years I was locked away,
A life thrown under the wheel.
As each day passed, I never looked back,
Just a beat down body with a mind intact

Counting days inside my head
Set the trap, stab my back, then walk away
Framed and judged, left behind to take the blame
Slam the door, cut the cord, and cast aside

I don't care what it takes, you're fucking dead!

I never used to be so full of hate
It just grew and grew by the hour and day
Dreams of death, cold revenge
Now any means justifies the end

All of my thoughts set to kill
I'm never gonna stop
Until I have your head
No matter how long whatever will come
To end your life is my reason to live

I'll haunt and hunt you down,
Traitor of the brotherhood
Defect and run a once and future failure gone
A trail of schizophrenic lies follow your forgotten steps
As fake laughter hides the serpent tongue behind your breath

Veracity expelled, you thrive on your deceit
Lying comes with ease just like your all-consuming greed
The stroke of midnight passed, the penance hour nears
Each nerve alive with fear, an omen of your ending coming fast

Subjected to a beating
I'll choke the life out from your eyes
Subjected to a beating
Only when you're dead can I be free
And God won't hear you fucking scream

Cold blooded homicide is what it takes to be sure
To put my fist to your face and spill your guts out on the floor
Like a thousand red stabs of pain, for each day I was locked away
You'll taste every ounce of blood as it pours out from what used to be your head

No redemption
No regrets
No excuses
Only death

Execution so long coming, finally attained
Gasping out, last words uttered, only were my name
Pure revenge, all consuming, perfectly arranged
Satisfaction, pure elation, nothing else remains

But one less fucking human on the Earth

03. Second Skin

Searching, Wandering
Looking for the perfect specimen
Still pure, immature
Acknowledged sickness concealed, swaggering
Unseen, stalking
Ascertain the prey
Creeping quietly

Gracious second skin
Courteous facade accepted
The cultured do not harm
Fitting in amongst the sheeple

Purpose clear
Sheltered secret
Unsoiled inceptive
Infantile delight
The itch that needs attention
Clandestine recreation
Craving obscured outside
Covering unbridled pretense

Breaks from the masquerade
Unrestrained fleeting moments reminiscence
To comprehend the need, ecstasy
Schizophrenic lies, seeking explanation

No excuse,
Unchecked, no reasoning
Devoid of disease,
Disguised expertise
Living in the shroud of ordinary
Waiting to unleash the polished skill set

Plethora of just rewards
Life through the power of the conquered
Repulsed by the dormant time
Disgusted by outlook of offspring should not breed

Arrogance in no one looking
Not suspected in any wrongs
Knowing steps of specialized inquiry
Superiority on display
Flaunting prowess prodding counterparts
Provocation stands unanswered
Divergence of standard procedure
Bestowment of allusion granted

Come on, false rival

No excuse, unchecked, no reasoning
Devoid of disease, disguised expertise
Living in the shroud of ordinary
Waiting to unleash the polished skill set

04. From Womb To Waste

Burning urge to conceive like animals blind in heat
But they're human all the same copulation compulsion to breed, just anatomy and instinct lust consumed but the product is a human life.
A malicious maternal seed spewed forth in precarious birth from the womb into the trash.
Precious, twisting life, crawling on the filth of the dumpster floor.
Only known to the mother in guilt, as she stumbles from the alley covered in flies.
With a ten mile stare dead to the world she never gave one fuck for the child inside...none.
Sucks the crack pipe in shame just to forget.
Yet with another hit, she's on the streets again in another life she once had hope.
But that went down the drain.
Along with her pride.
Nurses habitually resigned.
Tossing the carcass, in the waste bin death legally designed?
Or fixing the future with quick extraction?
Conceived and thrown away from womb into the waste.
Human trash, putrid, the bodies overrun.
Aborted removal, with cold precision.
Tools specifically designed forcing fetal termination.
Blind the morally enraged.
Bomb the clinic into oblivion.
Kill the killer they will say.
Justice through murder goes both ways.
Conceived and thrown away from womb into the waste.
One more girl, mortified.
Never knew what was growing within.
Obese, diseased, down on her knees she gave birth on the toilet seat.
Insert anesthetize.
Late term feticide.
Orphan spawned from rape.
Short lived, half a face.
Crackhead whore for host.
Hatching living ghosts.
Pregnant, drunk and high.
It was no surprise, when she left it there to die.
One more girl who could never conceive.
Psychopath, maternity-mad.
Took a steel bat to her mother's head, hacked her up and took the baby out.
One more girl, six months in, takes a hanger and a bottle of pills.
The pro-life priest has nothing to say as the embryo's scraped away.
Straight into the trash with the unborn offspring, generations dead in time, progeny unwanted.
Dead flesh pile a mass of cells, 10 more bags and the landfill swells.
Ripened mass fetal decay, no one cares were they human anyway?

05. Dissidence

Lost in your own conviction
Being lead from outside eyes
Perceiving success as malevolent
At the expense of others
Defiance with hands out
Claiming the bribes as plunder
Images presented certainty
Driving thoughts that despise

Subservient, obedient
Wanting to preserve the cause
Tag along within the pack
Acceptable behavior stick to the mantra
Fan the flames of discontent
Open the window for opportunism
Civic disobedience, barbarism incurs, violence within the horde

Regurgitating what you're told
In the moment feels like wisdom
Declarations of simpatico
Cementing thoughts of divine purpose

Coinciding goals power of suggestions
Ushering the age of euphoria
Presuming the absence of interior conflict
Startled by antagonism
Easily rationalized
The mob is pulling the strings
Peers the moral compass, antipathy realized

Calls for action, tensions boiling, surrogate violence
Tragic revolt, prominent support
Favorable courage, bolstered exploit, elevated impact
Obstinate provocation initiating response

Willful ignorance wallowed in
Talking heads to permeate insight
No need to modify agenda
Marching orders on the way

06. In The Trenches

An abomination
The last of a family of filth
Procreator should have pulled out
A fucking waste of sperm
Family scorned abhorrence
Would've done the world a favor
So much aggravation alleviated
If you were aborted

How pathetic can one be?
Always sinking to new levels
Years ago written off
Cast out for nefarious ways
But had no life, no purpose
So jealous festers within
Feculence excrement
An utmost compliment

Walking pile of shit
With empty words
No decency rectitude
Or credibility
Forthrightness lost
A shallow form of life
A disgrace without integrity
Karma has come to claim

The walking dead

Eradicate, ravage your being
Revulsion intensifies
Persevere until I spill blood
Jubilate as you die
Doors opened wide

The pulse of death has arrived
The sum of all your fears
Exposing all your fucking lies
Limbs crack and split
Raining teeth, blood and spit
Choked screams appear
Yet your begging falls upon deaf ears

In the trenches we meet again
I will reign supreme
Destroy all adversaries
Fuck your enemies
Time and time you fucked me over
You are dead to me
In the trenches we meet again
I will reign supreme
Reign supreme!

Fucking die now
Eat my fucking shit
I will conquer

To the end I will not stop
Until you reach your timely demise
Lacerate, rip out your throat
Decapitate and shit down your neck
I blackout in extreme pleasure from watching you writhe in pain
Your parasitic existence terminated, piss on your remains

07. Devout Atrocity

Engulfed by fate
Knowing you're part of, foretold prophecy
Awaiting the future
Post-apocalyptic visions you see them
Nearing tsunami
Cleansing the world of all inhabitants
Dormant volcanoes
Rapidly awakened, spewing out torment

Calamities come forth
Anxious from
Prospects of affliction, blissful
Revelations, religion, clairvoyance, self assured
Proactive, actions to be taken, bring about

Armageddon the end that nears
Without warning to the nonbelievers
Trying to facilitate
Precursor anarchy proliferation
The credulous populace
Ready to partake, extensive indiscretion

Cynics that are only interested
In disruption
Join festivities
Tearing down the entire system
They believe
Will be no more
Acting out final impulse,
Boundless juncture
Looming devastation
Awaiting the ultimate release
Of death
Relish the undertaking

Enlisting anyone who will wreck
Of the status-quo
Feeding paranoia to the rest
Of what's next
Riots the beginning
Constructing revolution,
Loosely bound
The chaotic notion
Preach to leave caution to the wind,
No more sin
End of days is here

Living in the frenzy so surreal
Ignoring possible extinction
Preparation after thought

Conspiracy consume many of them
What they new when and how
Government coverup primary beef
Not uninhibited extermination
Staring down the end of a barrel
Not fazed by threat oblivious
Still exasperated no warning given
Observing aristocracy full disregard

Living in the frenzy so surreal
Ignoring possible extinction
Preparation after thought

Peasants following their trendy causes
Forgetting the grand scheme of things
If predictions of events prove true
So many left to fend off annihilation

Ignoring mass extinction

Cracks in the earth separate, devastation
Ash covered sky, enveloping darkness
Spreading fire burns everything unrestrained
Inhospitable indefinite wasteland
Methane lakes emerge poisonous

Mass extinction

08. Revisionist Past

The long lasting record
The customary truths
Historic correlation
Questioning is moot
Victor's think the privilege
Of taking the account
Falls on their shoulders
Vain assumption flawed

Amending previous chronicles
Descends in generation
Peering through the tilted lens
Varied from your perspective
Filled from old propaganda wars
Sculpted curve of knowledge
No need for reflection
When belief transcends truth

Making your own revisionist past
To cite in the face of any challenge
Erode their will
To confront, made aware of reprisal
You can't dispute revisionist past
Debate is over ascertaining fact
Berate them all
If claimed a ruse, assassinate honor

Conspiratorial posture
Of abundant detractors
Beating down the fraud
A hopeless exercise
Taking on the zealous
Errand full of risk
Imperiling all standing
Diminished significance

Claims to wisdom, ascendancy saturates
Nothing locks the preordained path
Imbued with unparalleled capacity
Possessing all means to an end
Abandoning the stance of participant
Authoring the fair version clearer
No need for reflection
When belief transcends truth

Can't be altered veracity
Don't disregard, legitimacy

It's pettiness any inquiry
To the faithful variations are not lies

09. The Blood Of Power

Die, don't revive, won't succumb
Conduit of anger, tools of the trade
Essential supply of patrol compulsory
Instruments of wrath, in need of the lifeblood
Never ending skirmish for resource control
When entry contested, instigate combat

Financial enticement right to access
No alternative 'til it's gone
Proxy battlefield, resupplied
With the means to strike down abruptly
All attrition comes from above
Inflexible directives bound to

With the foothold, still in the game
Posturing rivals, one in the same
Necessary actions breed hostility

Postponement of eventual crusade
Indigenous inhabitants
Striving to create their tranquility
Forcing the masses to devote submission
Time is running short for that vision
Accelerated endeavor
Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel
When there's nothing left but sand

The privileged squandering wealth
Wasted on obsolete armaments
Window of prosperity
Closing as the years go by
Wanting to save face
Of ancient grievances
Refusing to move forward
Utilizing nothing

Depletion of reservoirs ratcheting up methodology
Claiming intent of purpose to aid and support

The blood of power
The blood of power

When exhaustion limit nears proxy war meets conclusion
Full fledged world campaign, every nation's declaration
Supremacy through allies, choosing sides, which one lies?
Claims to those assets for warranted capital, seize

Everything on the table of possibilities
No surrender without prize vital dependency

The new reserves, the ocean floor front line
The future uncertain, submerged technology
Progressing forth, into the unknown