Isole - Born From Shadows

Doom metal 30.10.2011

Melancholy and disenchanted sadness + low/mid-tempo riffing + one of the best voices in the genre + a really good production = Born From Shadows or how to release a pure gem of Doom metal.

Definitely, Born From Shadows is among noteworthy Doom metal albums of 2011. Please do not miss this piece of pure melancholy from Swedish metallers Isole. A must to have, really.

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Ghost Brigade - Until Fear No Longer Defines Us

Atmospheric Sludge metal 11.10.2011

Two years after the release of the gem Isolations Songs, Until Fear No Defines Us marks the return of Finnish metallers Ghost Brigade.

The recipe remains the same (and I would say it is not a bad thing), leading once again to a really solid album. So, check Until Fear No Defines Us out and do not miss this piece of melancholy!

Reminder: as appetizer, you can download for free a new track, entitled "Clawmaster", on the Season Of Mist's website over here. Enjoy!

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Deathspell Omega - Paracletus

Black metal 17.02.2011

Finally, after six years, the incredible trilogy started on Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice ends with this new album from French metallers Deathspell Omega.

Paracletus is among noteworthy Black metal albums of 2010 and can be summed up as a monumental construction of dissonance and darkness.

Disclaimer: I know that Paracletus is nominated in the MS Awards 2010. Please do not see something like to influence your voting decisions or anything... but more like a little reminder. Vote for it or not, that's not the point and it does not really matter. But please do not miss this piece of art.

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Sodom - In War And Pieces

Teutonic Thrash metal 30.11.2010

After thirty years dedicated to the thrash metal, German metallers Sodom are still alive and ready to kick some asses with their devastating stuff.

In War And Pieces is not reinventing the wheel, Sodom remains Sodom, but at least, it remains a very massive and solid album.

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Forbidden - Omega Wave

Bay Area Thrash metal 11.11.2010

Thirteen years have passed since the latest band's offering, entitled Green, which had exhibited a subdued result.

Anyway Omega Wave marks an attractive return. Indeed Forbidden are back and their amazing thrash riffs too.

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