Fear Factory - Trivia

The videogame Fallout 3 contains a reference to Fear Factory. In a terminal of the Museum of Technology states that "the infection has been removed, the soul of this machine has improved - B. Bell, Research Lead", singer´s name and a lyric part from Archetype.
Fear Factory often used samples in their songs. Blade Runner is one of most sampled movies, used in Expiration Date, Genexus and Flesh Hold.
Although the band is from the USA, Fear Factory members have diverse backgrounds. Burton Christopher Bell is American, but Christian Olde Wolbers is originally from Belgium, Dino Cazares and Raymond Herrera are both Mexican and Byron Stroud is Canadian.
Christian Olde Wolbers was the first artist ever allowed to use Dimebag's (Pantera, Damageplan) proto type signature head called the "Krankenstein".
Although keyboardists are labelled in the band's information as former members, they were never really members of the band. They did session, studio and live keyboards but were never mentioned in the booklets of CD's or on the band's official website as official members.
Burton C. Bell decided to start singing with his normal voice, when the other members of the band heard him singing in the shower!
Burton C. Bell appeared as one of the many fans in the Nirvana video "Smells Like Teen Spirit."
Burton also has an identical twin brother.
Former bassist Andrew Shives never actually played on any actual studio records (he was cited as being the bassist for the 'Soul of a New Machine' album but Dino Cazares played all bass on the album). Andrew only played live and did only one studio album, which was a 7" single called "Sangre De Ninos." He was later kicked out of the band because of inner disputes with the band.
Every Fear Factory album released shows a change of their famous "FF" logo. Every FF logo change represents the era of Fear Factory at that time.
Fear Factory first went by the name Ulceration which was a song on their first release 'Concrete'. Later, they went under the name Fear the Factory, but then decided to stay with the shorter Fear Factory on their demo releases.