Slipknot - Trivia

Corey Taylor was found by VVN Music, to possess the second highest vocal range of any known singer in popular music with a range of 5 and a half octaves. He was beaten only by Mike Patton (6 octaves).
On May 25, 2010, bassist and founding member Paul Gray died from a drug overdose after mixing fentanyl and morphine.
In the song "Eyeless", Corey repeats the chorus :"You can't see California without Marlon Brando's eyes". That line was taken from an incident when the band went to sign their record deal with Roadrunner in New York, Corey saw a homeless man on the sidewalk repeating. "You can't see California without Marlon Brando's eyes".
Before Slipknot wore identical coveralls, Corey Taylor wore a priest costume. This earned him the nickname "Faith", which he still hates to this day.
Member #0, Sid Wilson, also tours as DJ Starscream performing drum & bass/jungle music. This stagename is taken from the 1980s television show Transformers - he has the show's symbols tattooed on the backs of his hands. He is currently signed to Japanese/US label Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Records.
Craig "133" Jones has never been quoted officially as having made any comments to interviewers except for the interview with Cakewalk, preferring to start an interview with the zip that covers his mouth being opened, and closing it in answer to any questions asked. During photo shoots, he wears patches over his eyes to keep his anonymity. He is also known to leave shows early for the same reason.

Jones, also known as "#5" in the band, is the man in charge of Slipknot's official website.
During the music video and live performances of their single "Vermilion" the band change their respective masks to death masks made from casts of their own faces.
In the video for "Before I Forget", the band performed without their masks; however, the members' faces are shown only as brief glimpses (mainly close-up shots on their eyes and mouths), with the camera mostly focused on their hands and instruments.
During a rehearsal, before Slipknot recorded Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat, The Clown (Shawn Crahan) brought a mask with him and played wearing it. That action inspired the band to perform wearing their infamous masks.