Satyricon - Trivia

Back in 1999, Satyr, Fenriz (Darkthrone) Phil Anselmo (Pantera), Kiljoy (Necrophagia) and Maniac (Mayhem) started a band called "Eibon". They were supposed to record a full-length, but due to their heavy schedule, plans were changed. Maniac left the band, and they released one track titled "Mirror Soul Jesus" on a Moonfog 2000 compilation titled "A Different Perspective". They also recorded an unnamed song.
In December 2004, live guitarists Steinar Gundersen and A.O Gronbech were arrested in Canada for allegedly drugging and raping a woman in their tour bus after a show in Toronto. The remainder of the tour with 3 Inches Of Blood was canceled. The charges against the pair were later dropped.
Satyricon are featured in the Spun soundtrack, and their "Mother North" video appears briefly in the movie. Jonas Åkerlund, the director of Spun, is a fan of Satyricon, and talked to the band for permission for the video. The group agreed on the condition that he would direct their next video "Fuel For Hatred". He fulfilled that deal when shooting the video in 2003. Jonas Åkerlund was also a member of Bathory in the 80's.
Satyr is the owner of Moonfog Records.
The band started when Satyr was a teenager. He was only 18 years old when Dark Medieval Times was released.