Shining - Trivia

The song "FFF" is a song dedicated to Niklas Kvarforth's mother, Susanne, who died of a heart attack in early 2010.
When Niklas Kvarforth was describing Shining's new album Redefining Darkness he mentioned the following fact: "For those who have followed our career, you know that besides every album always have had six tracks, I've also always made the fifth one differ from the rest.".
The end of "Claws Of Perdition" (from the "The Eerie Cold" album) is actually a line by Christian Bale, sampled from the ending of "American Psycho".
The intro of "Besvikelsens Dystra Monotoni" is actually a sample of the classic song "Idas Sommarvisa" (composed by well-known Swedish author Astrid Lindgren), sung at almost every school breaking-up before the summer holidays in Sweden.
Shining supposedly disbanded in August 2004; but at the end of 2004 reformed.
Shining's box, "The Black Era", was never released.
Kvarforth was only 14 years old when "Submit To Selfdestruction" was released.
During their tour "Razors Across Europe" there were 3 emergency hospital visits and only ten gigs.