Powerglove - Trivia

A version of "Under The Sea" from Disney's The Little Mermaid was planned to be included on Saturday Morning Apocalypse, but Disney denied the band rights to release the song.
At one point Powerglove was considering looking for a vocalist, but could never find the right fit for the music. Guitarist Chris Marchiel stated that if they had lyrics, they would be phenomenally stupid and they would be funny at first, but get old very fast. He stated that they take a lighthearted approach to their image and live show, but take their music very seriously, and there would be no way to write serious lyrics. On their latest studio album they collaborated with Sonata Arctica frontman Tony Kakko to record the theme song for the Pokémon anime series, which is their only song with complete lead vocals, and the Simpsons theme where he provides the eponymous title lyric and an ending choral section.