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Metsatöll - Trivia

In the Aio album the Estonian National Male Choir participated on the track Ema Hääl Kutsub
Metsatöll's titling and lyrics make heavy use of archaic Estonian language and imagery, which often do not have clear English translations. For example, the word Hiiekoda refers to a type of (usually wooden) sacral building constructed near or in a forest considered holy in the pre-Christianisation customs of Estonians. While the word Sutekskäija does mean Werewolf, the Estonian werewolf legends are considerably different from those known in Anglophone countries, and this particular word has an emphasis on the human aspect of the person involved, so a better (although not as catchy) translation might be One who regularly engages in werewolf business.
Estonian word "hunt" means wolf, old Estonians had a custom not to say out that name because it would summon wolves, so they used different names to talk about the animal. "Metsatöll" is one of those names. The word ''Metsatöll'' means also a werewolf.