Godflesh - Trivia

Godflesh kingpin Justin K Broadrick has bizarrely starred in not one, but three cameo roles in the seminal British sitcom "Only Fools and Horses". First of all, he appeared as a walk-on extra in the episode "Go West Young Man", then he appeared as a punter in the bar where Del falls over in the episode "Yuppy Love", and finally appeared as one of the robbers during the infamous "Batman and Robin" sketch in the episode "Heroes and Villains".

Broadrick mentioned the cameos in an episode back in a Kerrang article in 1997 (a year after his final cameo when an eagle-eyed Godflesh fan spotted him and wrote in to Kerrang about it) stating that "Many people in the grind scene had voiced concern about my appearances on TV, but I couldn't care less. It was cash-in-hand and kept me going for a week or two. It was easy money and when they forgot I'd been in it before, I said nothing. I was just grateful for the big, fat cheque."

Broadrick also stated that he had also featured as a shoplifter in The Bill numerous years ago but never had any other significant roles in television since then because he simply didn't have the time to start acting as an extra, and the parts were only done out of necessity due to the large fee involved. He also said that it was "the thing his mum was most proudest of in his life".