Yngwie Malmsteen - Trivia

Yngwie Malmsteen is a Ferrari enthusiast, Malmsteen owned a black 1985 308 GTS for 18 years before selling it on eBay, and a red 1962 250 GTO.
During 2000 Yngwie managed to recruit both Jorn Lande and John Macaluso from Ark. In the same year long-time keyboard player Mats Olausson left the band. Shortly afterwards, Jorn and John, who were sick of the bad working conditions and general attitude problems, left before a show in Cleveland. And again a short period later also bassist Randy Coven parted ways with the Malmsteen camp. Soon Randy and Mats joined Jorn and John in Ark and together with Tore Østby the five-piece released Burn The Sun in 2001.
The album Unleash The Fury got its name when Yngwie Malmsteen yelled his now-legendary phrase "You've unleashed the fucking fury!" to a woman who poured ice water on him on an airplane to Tokyo, waking him up.

The passenger, who had no prior contact with Yngwie, allegedly overheard Malmsteen making derogatory comments about homosexuals and decided to show her disapproval by emptying the contents of her glass on the hefty axeman.