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GER, Bornstedt - Black Troll Festival

Location: Germany, Bornstedt (Burgruine Schweinsburg)
Date: 11-12 June 2010
Organizer: Black Bards & Trollzorn


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Pagan metal fans in Central Europe surely can't complain about a lack of chances to see their favorite bands live. A new addition to the still growing pagan metal scene is Black Troll Festival in the heart of Germany, a joint venture of Trollzorn Records and Black Bards Entertainment. After a successful debut in 2009 with almost exclusively German bands this small festival ascends onto an international level with headliners Negură Bunget from Romania and Arkona from Russia. Also on the billing are many fan favorites such as Fjoergyn, Wolfchant and XIV Dark Centuries, but also bands which you don't get to see that often in Central Europe, for example Sweden's Fejd, France's Bran Barr and Spain's Northland.

In addition to the music there will also be a viking encampment. The reenactment groups Gervina and Thale Vikings will take you back into the early middle ages, let you take part in archery and axe throwing and will tell tales about the times when the Merovingians roamed the lands.

All this is going to take place at the castle ruin Schweinsburg (which is also incorporated into the festival logo) in Bornstedt near Halle-on-Saale. Pictures of this extraordinary location can be found here.
Tickets for this event cost merely 25 and can be obtained via Trollzorn Records, Metaltix and Nuclear Blast.

Bornstedt is located in the center of Germany. The next biggest cities are Halle-on-Saale (35 km to the east), Leipzig (70 km to the east), Magdeburg (80 km to the north) and Erfurt (80 km to the south).
The nearest international airport is Leipzig/Halle airport. For airlines and destinations check out the airport's Wikipedia page.
The nearest train station is Eisleben. From there you can continue your journey via bus. The website of the Deutsche Bahn should aid you in determining your own time-table.
Alternatively you can of course arrive by car. Google Maps should be of help for you if you need help with directions.


DAY 1 (11.06)

Thrudvangar 00:10 - 01:00
Wolfchant 23:00 - 23:50
XIV Dark Centuries 21:50 - 22:40
Fjoergyn 20:40 - 21:30
Northland 19:30 - 20:20
Ignis Fatuu 18:20 - 19:10
Fimbulvet 17:10 - 18:00
Fimbulthier 16:00 - 16:50

DAY 2 (12.06)

Arkona 00:10 - 01:10
Eminenz 22:40 - 23:40
Negură Bunget 21:10 - 22:20
Bran Barr 19:30 - 20:40
Cumulo Nimbus 18:10 - 19:00
Tarabas 17:00 - 17:50
Dyrathor 15:40 - 16:30
Den Nordiske Sjel 14:30 - 15:20
Thormesis 13:20 - 14:10

Who was there?

Promonex 100%
deathspell omega (The Netherlands) 50%
+ Funeral X + (Iran) 50%


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18.05.2010 - 23:25
Goddamit, sometimes I hate living in the UK, you'd never see anything like this on our rainy little island.
Such a nice lineup aswell... oh well : /
24.05.2010 - 22:46
Haha. I remember when I used to listen to Northland before they got gigs like these.

Sweet lineup too. Wolfchant ftw.
26.05.2010 - 02:50
I've seen Wolfchant too often already. Am rather looking forward to Bran Barr. Their new album is pure gold
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