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21.12Running Wild - Set Release Date
21.06Gates of Metal: Running Wild out, Stratovarius in!
09.02Running Wild - Bassist discusses upcoming album

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Running Wild - Set Release Date

The new album ROGUES EN VOGUE will be released on February 28, 2005 due through G.U.N./BMG Ariola.

ROGUES EN VOGUE will include the following songs:

01. Draw the Line
02. Angel of Mercy
03. Skeleton Dance
04. Skulls & Bones (a 7-minutes epic pirate-song)
05. Born Dead, Dying Worse
06. Black Gold
07. Soul Vampires
08. Rogues en Vogue
09. Winged & Feathered
10. Dead Man's Road
11. The War

The strictly limited edition will contain two bonus-tracks: CANNONBALL TONGUE and LIBERTALIA (LIBERTALIA was far more than just a haven for pirates. It was a utopia. Ours is a brave, a just, an innocent, and a noble cause; the cause of liberty.)

Read comments about every song here
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Band profile: Running Wild
Posted: 21.12.2004 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

Gates of Metal: Running Wild out, Stratovarius in!

Stratovarius will replace Running Wild at the Gates of Metal festival.

Late last night it was confirmed that the Finnish power metal band will come to Hultsfred in the end of July.

- Stratovarius is a very good band, it feels nice to have a replacement act of this size confirmed with so short notice. This is an exclusive appearance in more than one way. It's Stratovarius only show in Sweden this year and it might be their last show in Sweden ever. Nobody knows the future of Stratovarius.
Posted: 21.06.2004 by Malcolm | Comments (0)

Running Wild - Bassist discusses upcoming album

RUNNING WILD bassist Peter Pichl gave a lengthy interview to the band's official web site in which he briefly discussed the group's upcoming studio album.

"I can't tell you anything yet besides that it's going to be out summer," Peter said. "Rolf is still writing songs. He wasn't able to start his work on the album as early as scheduled, because it took a bit longer to build up his own studio. But he keeps on writing songs and about 20 or so are ready for recording. I'm also really looking forward to them (as much as all of you!). Rolf is really open-minded concerning ideas of the other band-members. If I should have some good ideas (which is sometimes the case), I am going to share them with Rolf, maybe he likes them as well. But I will not be disappointed if he doesn't." Read the rest of the interview here.


Band profile: Running Wild
Posted: 09.02.2004 by Deadsoulman | Comments (0)

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