Necrophagia - New Album In The Works

After many, many delays US death metallers Necrophagia have finally finnished song writing for Deathtrip 69. Here's the latest update straight from the band:

"The new material sounds like it should have chronologically followed Season of the Dead. Consisting of very dark and heavy riffs interwoven with audio horror and inhuman vocals. Killjoy is full of praises for the new line up and says that although it's been a very long time since the band has been active it's the beginning of a rollercoater ride into horror hell. Inspiration is at an all time peak and having known guitarist Boris Randall for over 20's years makes things alot easier when it comes song writing "because we are always thinking in the same direction musically". Another element brought back to Necrophagia is lead guitar passages courtesy of Randall.

Songs definately set to appear are as follows: "Beast with Feral Claws", "Suffering Comes in Sixes","Naturan Demonto","Reborn through Black Mass","A Funeral for Solange" and "Tomb with a View".

Necrophagia will mark their return on June 26th 2010 headling the Firewalk Metal Meltdown Festival in Milwaukee. Next up Deathtrip 69 this autumn along with a US/Canadian tour with THE MOST legendary black metal band from Norway (bands and dates will be announced very shortly).

A demo version of "Beast with Feral Claws" will be world premiered on the Necrophagia MySpace Page Saturday April 24th 2010."

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Posted: 23.04.2010 by BudDa


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23.04.2010 - 16:28
What is THE MOST legendary black metal band from Norway?! I guess it'd be Mayhem since Killjoy has got a Euronymous tattoo on his body.. Also Attila Csihar is interested in Necrophagia as he said once in one of his interviews.. So it's possibly Mayhem.. And what a tour it would be, two great great great bands...

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