Of Mice & Men - Premiere New Song

Of Mice & Men premiere their new single "Obsolete", accompanied by Frankie Nasso-directed animated video. The song is part of their forthcoming EP, Timeless, due out on February 26th via SharpTone Records (also their new label).

EP track listing:

01. Timeless
02. Obsolete
03. Anchor

Frontman Aaron Pauley of the song: "It's a song about questioning how future-proof one is in the grand scheme of things, and acknowledging that maybe we aren't at all. I think we all wonder, to a certain extent, whether or not we'll fit into the future, or how we would, or what that would look like. Obsolescence is very prevalent in our lives. We see how quickly old phones become virtually useless, how quickly fads and trends come and go. It's all too easy to ponder about when you'll become a covered wagon, or a flip phone, or Myspace."

Regarding the EP, he adds: "There's an old idiom about what you're supposed to do when life gives you lemons. Sadly, to disappoint, this wasn't exactly that. We started writing this EP shortly before the initial lockdowns in spring of 2020, before we knew that our world was about to become a radically different place. A lot of these songs were born from a place of wondering how we'd fit into 2020 and beyond, both as adults in our 30s as well as a band that's a decade into our existence."

Source: ofmiceandmenofficial.com
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Posted: 14.01.2021 by Abattoir

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