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Please, use only one thread - if you have any news or updates, just dig up your old thread and post there.
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Promote your band (for those who can't open new threads) 292
Tiger Crew - Kevin is in Jail (Video) 19
MISERIST "S/T" (EP) Experimental Black-Death Metal 5
THE METALHEAD BOX monthly subscription box delivered direct to your do 8
Yaniv - This Earth 1
Power Beast - Action/Adventure Monster Metal 2
Lèpreux, Couverture [black metal] 2
When Reasons Collapse - Deathcore - France 1
Solemn Bastion (Benelux/European distro) 10
Rude Awakening Records 25
RUIN "Contagion I", promo video, melodic death doom 1
BARNEY French Metal 2
New Single DevilBringer 2
Q'uq'umatz - Tepeu [Cassette Release] 3
Black Metal From Anchorage, Alaska 1
Third Island, Post Metal/Doom, Ireland 3
Vantage Point - Scottish Traditional Metal Band 3
Krucyator Productions (Death Black Indus Metal) 4
Where Lovers Rot (symphonic doom) 3
A Dream of Poe - A Waltz for Apophenia (New Album) 1
Band Submissions Now Open! Brutal Battle Cuba 2017 1
MegaAedu's intense Death Metal for various situations 6
Arachnophobia Records - Black/Death/Thrash Label from Poland 1
N.K.V.D. "Totalitarian Industrial Oppression" 2
Pelander 2
The Metal Void: A blog for obscure albums 1
Mountain Grave - Massive Structural Collapse (death/thrash/black) 1
The V - Heavy metal band (Thrash,Metalcore,Death Metal,Instrumental) 1
Max Dread - CDs FOR SALE: Heavy Metal, Thrash, Death, Grindcore, etc. 26
REMOTE - Resilient *New Lp* 2

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