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Here you can promote your website or band. All band topics with links to the band site must be posted here.

If you promote a band, always include its name in the topic title. Also, no need for screaming titles, such as 'The heaviest grindcore band in the world!!!'. In fact, band name, genre and country would be quite enough.

Please, use only one thread - if you have any news or updates, just dig up your old thread and post there.
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Try Aiming. Southern Metal/Stoner, EP and music video out! 4
Red Sails Billow 1
Netherbird - Windwards (Video, 2016) 1
Circus Maximus - live in London 1
Get New Metal Songs With Upcoming Release of Junkyard Prophet's Album 2
Countless Skies - Melodic Death Metal - UK 1
Haiduk - Demonicon 5
Irradiation-(Can)-Metal/Punk 1
Transcending Obscurity Webzine 8
Emperor Of Myself new song 1
Metal Gallows 236
Music Video - Endemise - Anathema 1
INIRE - New Music Video - Endless 1
Scythia - New Track 'Soldier's Lament' 1
Noosefiller - Noosefiler 1
Free Download - ENOID (Swiss Black Metal) 1
CYNABARE URNE - Death Metal 1
FullBlast!PR - Black|Death|Doom|Thrash|Heavy Metal Promotion 29
Mountain Grave to release modern SciFi Death/Thrash Epic April 29th! 1
RVR0[RVR0223] Future Noise Of London #Word! by To The Lovers, Farewell 1
'Catatonic' the upcoming new 6-track EP by INSURRECTION (death/thrash 3
Sarcastic Terror - The Hatred Years Tape out now. 1
PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND "False Highs, True Lows" 2
The Soul Exile promo 2016 available for free! 1
New 2016 US Black Metal release (by Orationem) 1
Promote your band on my podcast !! interviews 1
Idolatry - Visions from the Throne of Eyes 1
Ravenia - Debut Album "Beyond The Walls Of Death" Out April 29th. 1
Desolator - Spawn of Misanthropy (new EP, death metal from Sweden) 2