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Please, use only one thread - if you have any news or updates, just dig up your old thread and post there.
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CORTEZ - Phoebus 2xLP (chaotic post-metal - Switzerland) 2
PRIMITIVE MAN 12"LP (blackened sludge, members of CTTTOAFF) 3
Born From Ruins 4
New video and tack release from NJ Thrashers Condition Critical 1
Masquerader 2
AP09 Neptrecus "L'aube du Déclin" CD OUT! 1
METAL CD RATINGS Publishes Largest Update EVER!! 1
THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE - "Falls" 12"LP (hardcore/black metal) 1
Sanity's Rage - You Are What You Swallow 2
War Iron - The Fifth and Final Sun CS preorder 2
Luminocity 3
The Cephalogue 1
ASHEN PRODUCTIONS WINTER SALE 2012/13 - Discounts & free CDs!! 1
My Interwiew Whit Luleå Hockey Players(SWEDISH ONLY) 3
Undesirables - Blackened Hardcore Punk 1
Divino Disturbo (Symphonic/Power Metal) 2
Undersmile - Narwhal cassette preorder 5
Darkenhöld - Medieval Black Metal from France 8
Antica Arcana (mastered by Ken from Abigail Williams) 1
Xeper's Metal Dissection - Radio Show Online (every friday) 1
Soulstorm - Fall Of The Rebel Angels 1
Endless Horizon (Black Metal from Quebec) presents Annihilation of Hum 2
WELICORUSS - symphonic/pagan/black/metal from Russia 1
Kreetur 1
Free Epic Brutal Death Metal - Amputation Spree 4
Bismuth - The Eternal Marshes cassette preorder 3
DIREWOLVES 12"EP (ffo Alpinist, Lewd Acts, Killing The Dream...) 3