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If you promote a band, always include its name in the topic title. Also, no need for screaming titles, such as 'The heaviest grindcore band in the world!!!'. In fact, band name, genre and country would be quite enough.

Please, use only one thread - if you have any news or updates, just dig up your old thread and post there.
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Undesirables - Blackened Hardcore Punk 1
Divino Disturbo (Symphonic/Power Metal) 2
Undersmile - Narwhal cassette preorder 5
Darkenhöld - Medieval Black Metal from France 8
Antica Arcana (mastered by Ken from Abigail Williams) 1
Xeper's Metal Dissection - Radio Show Online (every friday) 1
Soulstorm - Fall Of The Rebel Angels 1
Endless Horizon (Black Metal from Quebec) presents Annihilation of Hum 2
WELICORUSS - symphonic/pagan/black/metal from Russia 1
Kreetur 1
Free Epic Brutal Death Metal - Amputation Spree 4
Bismuth - The Eternal Marshes cassette preorder 3
DIREWOLVES 12"EP (ffo Alpinist, Lewd Acts, Killing The Dream...) 3
KEN MODE - Venerable LP 2
BONE DANCE | Self-Titled LP (hardcore/sludge/chaos - USA) 3
Jarhead - Canadian Metal 2
VORTECH - Devoid of Life (Industrial Death Metal) out now! (Finland) 6
Lower SIlesian Stronghold - label news and announcments 4
Slice of Music - music reviews 3
M-81 7
Nihill - Woestenij tape 7
1st press metal cds amd horror dvds. 9
Dark Elite - Enter the Void now on c-tape! 1
Kannabinõid - stoner doom from Estonia 1
Saille - Symphonic Black Metal From Belgium 22
Have you been to Metal CD Ratings lately? 1
Very Rare Black/Death/Thrash For Sale Or Trade! 9