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The original post

Posted by Black Winter on 11.03.2008 at 21:55
Since the old thread had exceeded its limits,here is a new thread to continue some of the previous discutions,please post a logic and a meaningful contributions and try to avoid all kinds of extremism and disrespectful remarks.
I myself will try to contribute meaningfully to clarify some points .

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  29.08.2015 at 22:47
Lol this is crazy. What does that even have to do with anything? Who are you to know what outrages me and what doesn't. Who are you to dictate what I should be outraged about and what I shouldn't be even, if we did imagine I didn't feel anything for the migrants. And apparently your gauge of my inhumanity is my social media political sharing, which is rare and very punctual. You stand on your high horse and lecture people about how inhumane they are, when you don't even stop a single second to even know what they're talking about. You're incapable of having an argument without short-cutting to call out someone for being "an idiot" "a radical" or a "hypocrite", which shows the limits of your reasoning. That drama is a smokescreen, but it doesn't hold.

See, not so hard, I replied, without name calling.

EDIT: also I don't understand such a negative reaction to my post. It was more aimed at helping you than anything.

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  29.08.2015 at 22:57
Written by Rasputin on 29.08.2015 at 22:37

Yes they did, and then pulled out. Russians did not equip and train Saddam, USA did. Iranian government was overthrown by the USA not Russia, they supported Gaddafi but so did the USA at first, they support Assad because NATO wants to build a base there and further seal them in, as far for Shia militants go, USA funds both sides, since it pays to have constant conflict, so you can sweep in and get the resources.

Israel is USA brainchild, and is being aided by the USA every step of the way. Russians have minimal influence there.

It is America's fault. 680 billion dollars for armament and defense, bases all over the world, protecting USA interests everywhere and thus creating wars to support the War Economy and Military Industrial Complex. USA has been warmongering for a long long time, and that is what keeps the politicians elected, what keeps the Corporations rolling in money and aides US interests everywhere.

You are funny. We may have lost, but we showed teeth to NATO, 70+ days of bombing and we did not surrender, they used uranium in the bombs so our children are dying from cancer and diseases. I am not butthurt hebrew boy, I am disgusted and I see the truth. Oh, so you do acknowledge that the USA is an Empire. Interesting. You just proved my points, thank you

Coitus interruptus? Really, the Iraqis didn't have Russian made tanks, AA missiles and radars? Diplomtically they have been supporting Saddam since 1994. Must be somehow, someway an American conspiracy.
No, you just lack the most basic understanding of history. France, not the US was the historical main supporter of Israel. The Russians? Where you find Russian equipment, you'll find Russians as a rule of thumb.

Of course not, contra popular-opinion (for what's it's worth) on air power , it's efficiency is very limited. The Russians bombed no one btw. They have no global interests, only good hearts and one bad ass president.
Oh well, I guess i earned the "hebrew boy" for the Serbian Captain buthurt jab.
No, I have not proved any of your "points" actually one point: somehow, someway, It's Murica's fault.
Thank you for spending time with me while at work, I'm out and over responding to this. Time for weed and burger.
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  Today at 00:16
Written by Ilham on 29.08.2015 at 21:13

I don't understand why you keep posting in this thread if you can't make your answers less angry and less about the people they're directed at, Angel N. Either you keep your emotions in check or you refrain from completely blowing up. You're not helping your thesis because you give emotional reactions to rational arguments. It's only giving more ammo to the people you're trying to argue against.

I see what your saying, this is what i do, i read some of these outrageous posts and be all like "WHAT THE FUCK, BLAHBLAHBLAH" don't think about it or take on board whats being said and just set myself up to get shat on.
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  Today at 00:28
Written by no one on Today at 00:16

I see what your saying, this is what i do, i read some of these outrageous posts and be all like "WHAT THE FUCK, BLAHBLAHBLAH" don't think about it or take on board whats being said and just set myself up to get shat on.

Thank you for understanding my point there.

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