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Which is the better indian song?

Run To The Hills - Iron Maiden62
Indians - Anthrax31

Total votes: 93

The original post

Posted by Thrashard on 22.01.2009 at 06:01
I thought it would be interesting to see which of these two classic Indian themed songs by classic bands would win.

I would have to say that Run To The Hills gets my vote. Lyrically though, I would give the win to Anthrax for obvious reasons. Run To The Hills is undeniably catchy as hell, and comes from perhaps the first 'true' Heavy Metal album that I ever bought and loved.

Vote and discuss.

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  28.08.2014 at 00:08
Obviously ''Run To The Hills'' will win, (for good reasons and also because it's Iron Maiden) but yeah
I still prefer ''Indians'', I think it's because I've heard RTTH too often and I just can't stand that song anymore...

P.S. at MS staff, you guys should ban making polls that includes Iron Maiden, they always win... freakin' hackers.
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St. Anger

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From: Germany

  28.08.2014 at 03:21
Written by Guib on 28.08.2014 at 00:08

P.S. at MS staff, you guys should ban making polls that includes Iron Maiden, they always win... freakin' hackers.

"The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull"

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  30.08.2014 at 21:21
Run to the Hills, musically it's just better IMO. The melody is better, and the lyrics flow better as well. Oh, and I actually think Indians is cheesier as well.

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From: UK

  04.09.2014 at 22:23
Id say run to the hills, but as songs about native Americans go id say that Spirit horse of the Cherokee by Manowar beats them both.
Infernal Eternal

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From: Greece

  31.12.2014 at 21:24
Indians is better. +1 for Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee.
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