The importance of a live DVD

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Posted by sq_xeper, 02.02.2009 - 03:20
I recently bought the new Nevermore DVD (which is fucking awesome) and it made me think about something. Every metalhead knows how important a live performance of a specific band can be, specially when you live in a country where good bands often come and you dont have the possibility to see them, of course globalization has helped a lot but its even more difficult to underground bands to make huge tours. So that's when a live performace captured on a live DVD becomes very important (not live albums and not a DVD documentary), i.e.: underground bands like Deeds of Flesh, Sinister, Vital Remains, Immolation, to name a few, have live a DVD, but there are others that dont have, they're are at the top of their career and havent decided to make one, maybe its because of the monetary costs or other factors I dont know, but it would be great to their fans to make one. For example, if Nile or Bolt Thrower release a live DVD I would instantly buy it, without thinking it 'cause they're bands from the death metal elite that havent come to my country and in the case of BT I dont think they'll come any time soon, on the other hand bands like Morbid Angel or Suffocation dont have one but they've come to Chile so there's no problem with such bands (the most commonly known) but I'd still buy it right away

Ok, the point of this thread its to discuss two things:
- Do you think its important to a band to have a live DVD?
- Name a few bands that you would like them to have one and you'd buy it without even thinking it
25.11.2009 - 03:26
Zero that i can think of.

i like to listen to music. not particularly fond of just watching 3-5 people stand there and play it.

i dig live audio recordings (if done well), as some bands are far better on stage than in the studio... live recordings showcase the band at their best.

back to live videos... i only own two.

1 - Slayer - Live Intrusion - simply because I was at that very gig.
2 - The Vandals - Sweating To The Oldies - because they are ridiculously amusing live band and who knows what will break out on stage, and because, as with the Slayer above, but even moreso, there are plenty of cutaway scenes. basically, every three-four songs they cut away to the "private" life of band member or something else for a couple minute segment. the entire thing is done incredibly humorously.

even fwiw, i picked up both of those in the 90s... nothing since.
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