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Best Disturbed Studio Album

Ten Thousand Fists10
The Sickness5

Total votes: 22


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From: Canada

  05.08.2011 at 23:41
Best Disturbed Studio Album
St. Anger

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From: Germany

  06.08.2011 at 23:07
I remember back in the day that I used to like "The Sickness" so I voted for it.
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From: Germany

  07.08.2011 at 02:19
The Sickness is good but Ten Thousand Fists surpasses it. This album is just plain fun to listen to. 'I'm Alive', 'Sons Of Plunder', 'Pain Redefined' . . . so many great and memorable moments. Asylum and Believe are pretty weak compared, though. Indestructible is ok.

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From: Syria

  07.08.2011 at 02:55
Written by MickeyDeez79 on 05.08.2011 at 23:41

Best Disturbed Studio Album

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Hop Bomba

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From: Paraguay

  07.08.2011 at 07:11
Dear op, please expand your thoughts in your original post. why this poll? what is your favorite? why?

else it's just spam.
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From: Sweden

  07.08.2011 at 19:08
Have no, I think i have heard all, but only once, so cant choose I would vote if its be song but my fav band song is a cover so ....
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From: Canada
  19.08.2011 at 23:07
Indestructible is their best and darkest. TAKE YOUR PLACE INSIDE THE FIRE WITH HER!!!!:banger2:
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Age: 25
From: Hungary

  26.08.2011 at 11:57
Desert Mouse

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Age: 25
From: USA

  10.09.2012 at 01:41
Ten Thousand Fists is good but it was done poorly. The vocals are often times off, and the songwriting was sometimes sub-par.

Indestructible, while not the album with the most varying tracks, is by far the most well-done album they've done. Good songs, decent writing, and the best recording they've ever done--especially on the vocals. Never has David done his vocal style so perfectly as he has on Indestructible.

Asylum was probably the most creative and interesting, but it wasn't pulled off very well... even worse than Ten Thousand Fists.
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  17.09.2013 at 04:41
Asylum or Believe, can't choose yet. By the way, I know it's hard to classify music nowdays, but I'm pretty sure their most recent album has an metal approach, even if everyone classify them as "mallcore". The self titled is ingenuous nu metal, but the songwriting after Believe got more mature and darker, rather than the previously dirt words and "the pain inside". If peoples classify Alice In Chains and Soundgarden as "metal", Indestructible could be classified as such, perhaps by the modern metal standards.

Aw, fuck it. Disturbed is an funny band anyway.
Jessie J

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From: Canada

  17.09.2013 at 19:28
Believe for me, but I like all the others too.

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From: UK
  22.09.2013 at 22:25
Ten thousands fists is my fave.
Industriclbe second fave
The other 3 are a bit meh. Even though tbf, I never really gave 'Asylum' a proper listen as when it came out, I was out of my Disturbed phase and listening to heavier music

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From: UK
  23.09.2013 at 14:14
^ just listened to 'Asylum' and I actually really like it! I was really surprised about how much I did! Few good catch songs; 'Asylum' and 'Another way to die' but I think the infection is my fave!

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