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Michael Angelo Batio is referred to as one of the fastest guitar shredders of all time...He attended Northeastern Illinois University and received a bachelor's degree in music theory and composition...He invented and was the world's first player of the twin-necked, left and right-handed double guitar (which he plays right or left-handed)...He is not ambidextrous, but he has taught himself to play two guitars at the same time (either in synchronized or separate harmonies)...Hmm...He invented the inverted hand guitar playing technique...He also invented and successfully played the very first "quad" guitar (but it was stolen)...Guitar One Magazine voted Michael the no. 1 Shredder of all time in their April 2003 issue...I think he is one of the best guitar players in the whole world, and I cant believe that he is not listed here on MS...I mean, look at all his accomplishments...Isnt that enough?

Some clips...



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11.04.2010 - 15:38
Valentin B
Yesterday i went to one of his guitar master classes. he's a totally awesome dude, really explosive, enthusiastic and funny as fuck on stage. he also came across as really nice and modest, all in all a terrific dude everyone would like to hang out with. he gave some great advice on being unique and eye-catching on stage. i'm sorry that his playing makes people think that he's a jerk like Yngwie, i know i had that preconception too before the master class started.

also his double guitar playing is absolutely stunning, you really need to see it live to believe how difficult that shit is. he even flipped the thing down once so that it looked like a backwards V and raised it up to the level of his head while playing(a simple 3-note tapping sequence but who cares, that thing weighs a ton anyway).

he's a really really fucking good guitarist. my only beef with him is that he plays too many tributes to awesome shit like Zeppelin or Pantera, i even caught a reference to Van Halen's Eruption and he played a bit of Purple Haze on his double guitar, but he doesn't concentrate enough on playing original material, which is pretty good imo.
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